Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall is where it's at

Yes, you must listen to me drone on and on yet again about my love of all things fall. But really--what isn't there to love? We are definitely taking advantage of all fall has to offer here. And, of course, I will now post about it. Don't worry, though. Come January and February no posts will be made, for who wants to see me going crazy with cabin fever, watching yet another episode of Thomas the Train with my child or putting on a good ten pounds readying myself for the winter cold? I thought not. So enjoy these posts while you've got 'em.

Here's us enjoying two of our favorite fall activities: apple picking and our favorite little hike just down the road from us (Indian Kill).

Will looooves to go on hikes. The entire time we were on the hike he just kept chanting: "I'm a big boy exercising!" Who knows where he came up with that? And it's true--I just must look like a bag lady while taking this hike (look here for evidence), but who showers before a hike?
On a side note: since the hike was a little chilly, we insisted Will wear gloves. And now he cannot get enough of said gloves. He wears them everywhere. Often, he just wears one glove and we call him our little Michael Jackson. Here are the pics of our glove-wearin' friend (and pictures of my not-so-clean house):


Vickie Blanchard said...

I took Katie to Petsmart this week (first for both of us) and I've decided we will be frequenting there often to look at the cats, fish, birds, and rodents when the weather is too cold for outside play. You'll have to miss an episode of Thomas and come join us!
And I have to say, this is the first evidence I've seen of anything being on your floor---it makes me feel better! (Although your usually tidy home is an inspiration to me, too!_

The Pyper Fam said...

Oh I would love to spend a fall in the NE! :) It is so beautiful! And that little Will man, so dang cute! I can't wait to see you when you are here at Thanksgiving! I am actually going to be here the whole time you are here! :) woo-hoo! And I also loved your last post! You are so right! Love you!

Ryan and Angela said...

Awe, so cute. I think you look cute too. Way too much to be a mom, anyway. I miss Will.

Danalin said...

Few things in this world beat fall in NY! You are beautiful, Jessy, and that little man of yours is so stinkin' cute. Still waiting for the phone call to say that you're moving out here! It will probably come just on the heels of us deciding to move somewhere else. :)

Krista said...

Its unheard of to shower before a hike, so no worries and by the way you look pretty fantastic to me. Love Willy, he is so adorable.

Cookie, Jason, Olivia, and Mya said...

i looked at the picture of you on the hike and thought wow she is so pretty then you called yourself a bag lady. you may need glasses.