Thursday, October 7, 2010

So Long, Summer

It's official: summer's over. And while I typically have a love/hate relationship with summer (love all the fun summer festivities, like bbqs, summer produce, swimming, etc.; hate the humidity and heat that make me sweat every hour of every day), I find myself now longing for those sunny, summery days and wholly unprepared and unready for the dark and dreary days of winter. So, here's one last sad good-bye to summer and a final look at some of our fun summer times.
Wolfe's Neck, Maine
Madsen family vacation May 2010

The dreamy house we stayed in whilst in Maine. It was gorgeous.
Trips to Vermont.
Two, in fact. Once before baby James and once after.
Here's the sole picture we took while at Shelburne Farms.

Family Movie Nights
This time I made my boys endure Enchanted, though Will only lasted for the animated portion. I love that he thought that the princess' dress was made out of toilet paper (instead of lace).

Days at the Lake.
Moreau Lake August 2010. Will was made for the water. I was made for this kind of water. Since it is a tiny lake, 35 minutes north of us, it is soooooo very warm. Per-fect.

So long, summer!


Krista said...

Yes, so long summer and hooray for 4 seasons. Might I say that you ALWAYS look so pretty Jessy.

tida6 said...

Hello huge that must have been fun to stay at. I will miss the summer as well. Winter is a drag and I hope it's not a horrible one.

Will is a little man cute!

Vermont Madsens said...

We miss you guys already! We're going through Will withdrawls. Good thing we have "Will orange truck" to remember him by. Hope to see you soon!

J.D. and Gina said...

Jessy! It's so fun to see the pictures of your family. It looks like you guys had a wonderful end of the summer. I hope you have a terrific Fall - hard not to do with beautiful N.Y. Falls. We miss you guys and hope everything is going wonderfully!! Much love - Gina

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

I would like to add my farewell to summer. So sad:( I hate being trapped inside all winter with endless colds...Seeing Will just makes me smile because he has so much Spear in him!