Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The things he says

  • Will and I have been "reading" the scriptures together at breakfast (basically just looking at the pictures in the Gospel Art Binder and then telling the stories and singing any songs that correlate with the story) and we had been learning about Abinadi. One morning I couldn't find the Gospel Art book with the pictures, so I asked, "Where's Abinadi? Have you seen Abinadi?" To which Will responded, "Um, Abinadi dead." Yes, Will, Abinadi is dead.
  • Will wanted to have the lights off at dinner one night so I said, sure why not? (There was still some daylight out, so it wasn't completely dark). When he turned off the lights, I said, "Ooooh, Will isn't it romantic?" And of course Will said, "Yea, romantic." Josh questioned Will, asking him what the word romantic meant, and Will said, "Um, it means take a nap." At our house, apparently, romantic means taking a nap. Very nice.
  • Will and Josh were doing somersaults one Sunday afternoon when they told me it was my turn. I was still wearing my Sunday skirt, so I said, "I don't know if I can. Ladies don't do somersaults in skirts." Will thought on this and quickly countered with, "You not a lady; you a mama." So, what was I to do? A somersault in my skirt, obviously.
  • We were sitting at dinner and Will just looks at Josh and said, "Welcome to the Island of Sodor, Dada." Clearly, he has been watching far too much Thomas the Train since this is the opening phrase to every Thomas show.
  • Will and I were coloring when he wanted me to draw dinosaurs. This is tricky for me, since my drawing repertoire is limited to flowers, rainbows, and houses. So, I decided to go to clipart to print off some dinosaurs that I could trace. Will was sitting on my lap while I was doing this and as I was editing the dinosaurs, Will looked at me and said, "Cool dinosaurs, babe."
  • That same coloring day, after I had drawn my dinosaurs (again I'm not so handy with the pen), Will turned to me, looked at my dinosaur drawing and observed, "Your rainbow is better, Mama."
  • I had a ba-zillion errands to run and so I was prepping Will for this by telling him we were going on an adventure. We got in the car and Will asked where we were going. Again, I told him we're going on an adventure. Will thinks about this and said, "No, Mama. We not going on a-venture. We going on the road." Right, silly me.


Vickie Blanchard said...

Laughed out loud on the first one, and the others were great, too!

Ryan and Angela said...

Oh man. That is good. I want more. I can totally visualize him saying those things. I am so excited to see little Will in a couple weeks.

Tiffani said...

Oh he is so fuuny! I love it when they come up with funny answers. My little guy makes up stuff and it really does sound interesting.