Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Leaves 2010

Really, my posts are becoming redundant. Not just of the beauty of fall, but also year after year I find I'm taking the same photos, writing the same posts, making the same memories. (See here and here for the past posts of fall leaves). However, as redundant as it may seem to you, to me it is a treasure to have these pictures of Will, showing not only the changing of the seasons but also the steady marching on of time. Oh, how I wish it would slow down just a little.

I love this year's edition of our annual leaf collecting. It is just a perfect portrayal of Will at the age of 2.5: his bike helmet in place (he insists on wearing it all the time); his "dog boots" on foot (his rain boots that sit on the step of our garage door, the very boots that he can put on all by himself and that he demands on wearing for every outing); his clothes on backwards (just recently he's ventured into the world of dressing himself, much to my dismay. He gets dressed possibly twelve times a day and oh the outfits he chooses). Hopefully, you'll cherish the Fall Leaves 2010 in picture form as much as I do.
This year he actually helped a little with the raking of the leaves.
Here he told me he was "taking a nap in da weaves".
Look at his shirt--backwards AND inside out. Now that takes talent.

He adored jumping in the leaves.
And, of course, tossing the leaves.

And we had to get a video of Will running/rolling down the hill, though I am not sure why the video is so little??


Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

That's so funny...Marcus is constantly wearing his helmet too. Must be a boy thing!

Ryan and Angela said...

That is so cute. You know, I am thinking about putting leaves in my kids beds because they sleep better in the leaves outside than they do in their beds.

Emily Christensen said...

This rolling down the hill video is not as cute as the last one. Will doesn't run into you and knock you down.