Monday, November 1, 2010

Big Boy Bed

I guess it was bound to happen, though I tried my best to put it off for as loooong as possible. There was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth (all from me), but the time had come. The cage we had created for Will (a.k.a. his crib) could no longer contain him, so we pulled out the big-boy bed. After a week of no naps and of Will constantly climbing out of his crib, I just went for it. The first week went smoothly: Will excited for the bed, taking naps every single day, staying in the bed all night long, playing quietly with his toys in the morning until I came to get him. I was disbelieving and euphoric. Week two, not so great. He refused to nap, instead choosing to destroy his room (even though I locked all his toys in his closet). I am lamenting the loss of his nap, but am grateful he just crashes around 6:30 every night and sleeps until 7-7:30 the next morning. At least there's that. As of yet, the bed is just on the floor next to the crib, waiting for Josh to build a frame for it. But we all know how that goes--remember how "overdue" the crib was (look here and here for reminders)? Maybe for Christmas. Here's to hoping. Now enjoy some pics of Will and Josh getting ready for a night in the big-boy bed.
Since the lamp is in another corner of the room, Josh got his headlamp out to read to Will at night (and look at what they're reading--The Book of Mormon--I think we're going to be translated we're so righteous). Of course, Will insisted he have a headlamp, too. So here he is, headlamp and all, readying himself for the long night ahead.

Will and his cheese smile!
The big-boy bed.


Jane said...

Yay for no more climbing out of the crib! And headlamps are a necessity of life. Just ask Nate.

Krista said...

Hey just be happy you made it to 3. Evelyn asks to sleep in a big bed everynight and shes not even two. Luckily she can't climb out of her crib so we haven't given in. I love the picture of Will in his last nap. He looks so happy.

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Oh the joys of a big boy bed! I love the head lamps. Totally looks like something my Dad would buy us all...oh wait he did!