Thursday, December 16, 2010

I is for Igloo

It snowed abundantly while we were in Spokane for Thanksgiving. So of course we had to go play in the snow. And of course we had to build an igloo. And of course after about two minutes none of the kids were interested in the hard work that was involved in building an igloo. And of course, after about an hour, my mom, my brother and I all gave up, taking the kids inside for lunch and naps (building an igloo really is hard work). But of course, Josh, the consummate engineer, could never, never give up. So when I woke up from my nap wondering where Josh was, I shouldn't have been surprised to find him outside by himself, finishing the igloo solo. And I shouldn't have been surprised that Josh wanted to sleep in the igloo that night (but I was surprised that he thought I would sleep in the igloo with him). And I shouldn't have been surprised when my mom told her entire ward that Josh slept in an igloo that he built single-handedly. And I definitely shouldn't be surprised that everyone in said ward now thinks Josh is an Eskimo (either that or crazy. I can't decide which one's worse). Crazy Eskimo or not, Josh is an excellent igloo-builder. My parents really couldn't be more proud. Every time they talk to us, they update us on the igloo's status. Unfortunately, the igloo is no more. But at least there's evidence:

Josh and me and all my star-studded beauty, wearing my pj's and decade old moon boots (held together by duct tape, no less), standing in front of Thee igloo.

Josh, so proud of his creation.
That is one serious igloo. Job well done, Josh. You really should be proud (or an Eskimo or crazy).


Kasey Later said...

Seriously impressive, Joshie! And I'm surprised that you didn't want to sleep in there, Jess....don't you always like to sleep so that it's frigid so you can cuddle up in the covers?

Cookie, Jason, Olivia, and Mya said...

looks fun but cold. love the boots you look hot!

Jane said...

Josh, you are welcome to stay at my place an igloo you build! Very nice work, Mr. Engineer.

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

It must be the Engineering mind. Jeff would have, and has, done that before. They just can't walk away from a project! Our kids would love it!