Monday, March 7, 2011


As luck would have it, for Will's 3rd b-day we were in Utah again for our annual ski trip. Lucky, because Will got to spend his b-day with family, and most importantly, his cousins. Since we had to wait for the big boys to come home from skiing, the b-day event was a little chaotic at best, rushed, crazy and filled with one greedy little birthday boy. My festivities were Cars-themed, though my efforts were a tad lackluster (hey--it's hard to have a b-day when out of town). And, of course, my camera died so I have very FEW photos (what kind of mother am I?), but enjoy the few photos I managed to take.
Here's a photo of the decorations with one cute cousin Beth in there:
More pictures of the decorations (the banner was supposed to look like racing flags, though Josh wasn't convinced):
Will opening his soccer ball:
And a photo of the cousins. I told Beth I'd pay her one dollar if she could get the three of them to take a picture together. This is what I got. Not bad, eh? Will's not looking, but it's better than what I could have done.
Will couldn't really handle himself because of all his new presents and he refused, absolutely refused, to share with his cousin Sam, who was also quite excited about all of Will's presents. So, after breaking up fight after fight, I decided to just put Will to bed, where he hoarded all his presents in his bed, the cupboard under the stairs, and had, I daresay, a grand time. At least there's that. Happy Birthday, Will.


Krista said...

3 WOW! Time flies. Happy Birthday Will...and I'm with Josh on the flags. Looks great though.

The Pyper Fam said...

Happy Birthday Will!Birthdays are fun with 3 year olds! :) But at least he got to spend it with cousins! I love that he hoarded all his toys with him to bed so his cousin couldn't play with them! :) There i nothing better than being with cousins on your birthday! I also loved your pics from January! :) Will and his blankie, under the table...I love it :)

Vermont Madsens said...

WE were the lucky ones to be with our favorite Will on his birthday. We (meaning Sam)still wish Will a happy b-day almost daily and mention Gordon, his tender and Dinoco Lightning and the Queen. When is our next great adventure kiddo style?