Wednesday, March 9, 2011


*This is the story of how Will got stitches, the very story that Will demands to hear every night before bed. The italicized words are the words Will always says.
Once upon a time, there was a little boy named William who had to get stitches. He got to go on two airplane rides to his Granny & Gus' house. He got to see his cousins and go skiing and swimming, too. One morning, right after breakfast, Will was running and slipped and fell and bonked his forehead on Granny's bench. He cried and cried and there was lots of blood, but his Mama was right there. Then Dada and Gus gave William a blessing and they went to the hospital. There, they checked in and Will got his own bed. Then the nice nurse Michelle came in and the EMT Mark and the doctor. The doctor gave him something that went up his nose and then they wrapped Will tight, like a baby, and put a green sheet over his face. The doctor gave him a shot, then gave him six stitches and they were blue. After, because Will was so brave and so strong the nice nurse gave him a sticker and a Popsicle and it was lellow and it was so gooood. Then he got to see a helicopter and it was red. They went and said goodbye to Michelle, then drove back to Granny and Gus' house and lived happily ever after. The end.
Poor little guy. He was a trooper. His mother, however, was not. It really was slightly traumatic for me. Then again, I really don't like blood. All pictures courtesy of Jane's blackberry. Somehow, I never managed to take a picture of the actual stitches. Again, what kind of mother am I?


Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Oh my, what a trooper! How long was your ER wait?

Jane said...

He was probably the best patient they'd ever seen! And thank goodness I was there - to keep you calm and for photographic evidence of the incident!