Sunday, March 13, 2011


It's time for a William update. Mostly for my own records.

He's three! And at age three, I can officially say, he is the most fun. I think I say this for every stage, but this time I really mean it. He's funny, inquisitive, energetic, independent, smart and full of life. Every day is a wild ride with this man and I wouldn't change it for anything. So, here's a glimpse of Will at age three:

  • He's 34 lbs. (75%)
  • He's 39.5 inches tall (90%)
  • At his check-up, the doctor kept commenting on how tall Will was. So now, that is Will's response to everything: "I not a big boy, I a tall boy." "This is my tall car seat." "These are my tall boy pants," and so on and so forth.
  • I've never met a child so darn obsessed with one's nigh-nigh. Still.
  • He calls his cat a "coon" ever since we watched part of "Where the Red Fern Grows."
  • He loves to be tickled. I will tickle and tickle him until he can't breathe, then stop, to which he responds, "More!"
  • He loves to ride his bike. If we're going somewhere and I tell him to go get in the car (which he is perfectly capable of doing), I can guarantee you he is not in the car, but is out riding his bike--even if there's rain or snow.
  • He will probably NEVER be potty-trained. He refuses to go number 2 in the potty. Number 1 he has down pat.
  • He is obsessed with all things Cars related. He plays cars for hours and hours. His absolute favorite thing to do is to watch the movie, with all his cars by his side and when a particular car comes up on the screen, he holds up that car and yells his/her name. It's a crack-up.
  • He always wears his underwear backward, but calls it forward (see pictures below). When I put it on the right way, he says, "I don't want to wear my underwear backwards."
  • He loves to play soccer. We play in the living room all the time and I've been teaching him how to be the goalie. I taught him how to dive for the ball when he's goalie. Now, when he's playing goalie, no matter what, he dives for the ball, even if the ball is right in front of him.
  • He always says, "Lore" instead of "your". For instance, he always asks his dada at the dinner table, "How lore day, Dada?"
  • Since the truck is dead, we've been driving Josh to and from work. One day, when we were picking up Josh, Will asked, "Where all these cars going?" He thought about it a minute and said, "They going to pick up their dadas at their works?"
  • He calls the "Friend" magazine the "Boyfriend".
  • He's shy in front of strangers and instead of using any of the thousand words he knows, he will talk baby talk to strangers if they ask him questions. Awesome.
  • His favorite thing to eat, for any meal, is breakfast--french toast, waffles, pancakes, crepes. He loves it all. He also is a big fan of yogurt and "gola" bars.
  • He really doesn't know his pronouns--he calls people "what" all the time--as in, "What that?" pointing at a person right in front of him.
  • He loves to sing, though you'd never guess at our music class, where he runs around like a mad child instead of singing. The best is when he sings in church. He opens up the hymn book and sings any other song as loud as you can imagine. For instance, today he sang the "ABC"s song while the rest of us sang a hymn. And during the pauses in the hymn, he still sang with his whole heart and soul the "ABC"s. Everyone around us was just cracking up, as were we.
  • We were waiting outside for Josh once when Will said, "Come on, dang Dada."
  • He loves to hide and be found by the "Mama Monster". He also loves to seek. When he's looking for me, he says, "Little Mama, where you are you?" It's too funny.
  • One morning, we went to eat breakfast when we found all the milk was gone. I said Dada must have drunk all the milk. To this Will responded, "Shame on you, Dada."
  • He loooooves nursery. He is by far the oldest in nursery and is way outnumbered by little girls. But all the little girls love him, for some reason.
  • He loves the Packs, especially Caleb. He tells me all the time he wants to move in with them.
  • The other day we had to go somewhere and he didn't want to come. He told me he would just stay home by himself. I told him he couldn't stay home by himself or else I would go to jail. His response, "Go to jail then. Go!"
  • When he doesn't take naps (which is becoming more and more common) he asks to go to bed at 5:30. He'll leave the dinner table and say, "Just go take a nap," and then he will walk up the stairs and bring down his jammies, so that he can go to bed. Then, of course, he is awake at 6:00 on the dot.
  • He loves to hear stories--stories about a little boy named William, a little boy named Joshy and a little girl named Jessy. His favorites are the stitches story, how dada got stitches, how dada got in the bathtub with his jammies on and how mama got Vaseline all over.
  • He really just is our world. We love him to pieces and can't get enough of him and are so grateful for this little miracle boy.

Now for some awesome pictures in his backwards-forwards underwear. He just trotted downstairs like this one morning, and I had to snap some photos.


Vickie Blanchard said...

Great post! I read several of the bullet points out loud to Ry---so funny! I for one would love to hear about Josh getting into the tub in his jammies and you being covered in vaseline sometime! :)

Cookie, Jason, Olivia, and Mya said...

wow he is tall! love the undies backwards. i always have to remind olivia tag in the back. give him some time with the potty thing. all my friends with boys his age are in the same boat.

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Love the underwear backwards picture. How can you not smile and laugh at that. Great post. I wish I would have done that for my kids. I don't remember anything.

Jane said...

Oh that Willy! I was laughing the whole way through reading this! He's just the cutest, even if he does wear his underwear backwards.

Anonymous said...

Jess, you are super mom! I love this post. Love the backwards undies:) That's gotta be a great photo for the wedding video.