Friday, April 8, 2011

We Heart Maple Sugaring

We love maple syrup so much (and our Vermont cousins) that for the third year in a row we drove 3+ hours (extra time, due to the closed ferry), braved the freezing cold, endured the mud and suffered the cow smell all so we could eat some dreamy maple donuts, buy a gallon of the best maple syrup (at a bargain price) and enjoy time with the local farm animals (and, of course, our cousins--though somehow we managed only to take pictures with the cows and not the cousins. I guess that shows our priorities). Vermont maple sugaring, how we love you. Until next year! (And Vermont cousins, we love you, too. Thanks for letting us crash your pad for the short trip).

The kissing cows. Will & the cow.
Here he looks so excited to see the cow.
While here he realizes, "Wow, that cow smells."
The tractor.
Cute Will. He clearly did not like the cold that day. He had a major meltdown of epic proportions--like I hadn't seen before and I sure hope to never see again. But we calmed him down, bribed him with donuts and cows and he recuperated. Barely. At least he's cute, right?


Cookie, Jason, Olivia, and Mya said...

looks fun! i just love major melt downs. ugg!!! i agree with will, cows do smell!