Saturday, April 9, 2011


I just had to write down a few more William-isms before I forgot all the crazy things he says. This kid. I just love him. And here's a few photos, too, to illustrate the cuteness of said kid.

He loves his cars. This is a perfect picture of what he is always doing with those cars. Playing with his awesome marble run. My sis-in-law scored on this one--she got it for 75% off. Originally $130--she got it for $38. Deal of a century. And it is pretty darn cool. Thanks, Amy. I owe you big time. And here's Will reading scriptures with his Dada. We're reading the New Testament right now and every night, before we read, he insists on looking at this page, page 20, where Joseph is carrying a toddling Jesus on his shoulders. It's so sweet. Now, here's some of the funny things this kid says.

  • One day I was getting ready for the day in the bathroom, while Will was playing on my bed. He looks at me and says, "Mama, I love lore (your) bummy." Though this was a high compliment, I didn't want him to think that we go around talking about people's bummies, so I replied, "Thank you, but it isn't appropriate to talk about people's bummies." He thinks about it a minute and then says, "Mama, I love lore legs. Is that 'ppropriate?" Yes, Will that's appropriate.

  • Lately, he's been saying "whatever" all the time. It's funny when he uses it, though. It's mostly when I tell him "no". Like, "No, you cannot eat that before dinner," and he just says, "Whatever." I guess I'll take that to a tantrum.

  • I'm the horse, dada's the zebra and Will is the cow (last week he was the lion). When I ask him to do something he says, "Okay, Horse." It's a crack-up. And sometimes, if I call him Will, he just tells me, "No, I the lion," or "No, I the cow." Sometimes, he just responds with a moo.

  • When we were at the store the other day, the cashier asked Will what his name was. He looked at her and said straight-faced, "Jessy-ca." (That's how he pronounces my full name. And Josh's full name? Joshy-wa).

  • We were at the mall and I had to go try on a few things and I said, "Okay, buddy boy, one more stop and then we'll go home." To this he replied, "Okay, Jessy-ca Madsen. Sounds good." I was laughing for a long time--just at the way he said it.

  • My mom called right before we started to each lunch one day. I asked her to hold on a second so that we could say the prayer. Will offered the prayer and after he stated loudly, "Good enough." Apparently, that's what he often hears after his prayers: good enough. My mom was laughing so hard when I got back on the phone--she heard the whole thing.

  • He asks me all the time, "You 'ppreciating that?" or he says to me, "I 'ppreciate that." Clearly, I say that a lot to him.

  • He's been learning the music notes at our music class (do-re-mi). So, I showed him the clip of do-re-mi from the Sound of Music and he looooved it. Now he goes around singing that song all the time. It's the cutest thing.

  • After dinner one night, Josh reminded Will to clear his plate. Will complied, stating, "Yes, sir dude."


Krista said...

I remember playing with a Marble Run are your house growing up. Sweet toy. Will is adorable and I love all the Williams-isms.

Jane said...

This explains so much why he was "moo"-ing when I saw you two last week! Love all of these!!

Janet said...

Thanks for many laughs this evening!