Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nothing a Purple Popsicle Can't Fix

Really, there's nothing a purple popsicle can't fix--even terrible, no good, very bad days. And I have to state on record that 99.9% of my days with Will are wonderful, good, very great days, especially when we share a purple popsicle at the end of it. (And if you couldn't tell, in this picture we are showing off our purple-colored tongues from the yummy grape popsicle. Grape's my favorite).


Tiffani said...

Cute Jess:) You're such a fun mom. I am Rachelle's visiting teacher. Her and Cam are so awesome. We love having them in our ward!

Jane said...

Oh how I'm going to miss these faces this weekend! I'm sad it's not working out.