Monday, September 12, 2011


We lovermont (get it? We love Vermont. I saw that on a bumper sticker whilst there and had to steal it). And why do we love Vermont? We love Vermont because when we're there we get to:

Go on a mini-camping trip at this idyllic lake only three miles from the Vermont Madsens' home (meaning, Amy, baby James and I went home at 9:30 and slept peacefully in comfortable beds located very near flushing toilets while Josh and Nate had the pleasure of sleeping with all three kids in the tent).

Get assistance from older cousin Beth on everything, including going to the bathroom in the woods. (I had to include this photo, though mildly inappropriate; it just makes me laugh. The bathroom process took all three kids: Beth, to help Will put his pants back on and Sam to hold the light while Will went potty in the dark).

Go on fun mountain-bike rides with our cousins.

Go to the beach (not pictured), go out to eat and enjoy all our fun family time. Thanks, Vermont Madsens. What ever would we do without you?