Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer Fun

Though I may not have hit everything on our Summer Bucket list, I was far more adventurous than predicted here. And since we didn't get in our annual summer Spokane trip (weep, weep), we tried to have some fun locally. Of course, I didn't document all our outings, but here are some that I did:

1. Mad-time in Maine with the Madsens.

We've done this trip for a few years running--spending time shopping, eating, beaching (maybe some day I'll get those photos from Amy) and just having fun with all the Madsens.

2. Moreau Lake
We hit this one up twice--one time with dada and one time with friends. I love this lake. What's not to love? Warm water, groomed beaches, plenty of sun!

3. Water Wednesdays
For the third year in a row, I've hosted Water Wednesdays at my house--a day for the kids to splash around in the kiddie pools and slip 'n slides and for the mamas to chit chat.

5. Saratoga Horsetrack

We also hit this place up twice--once with dada and once with friends. It is really a beautiful race track and I'm glad we got to finally check it out.

Here's Will, placing his bets.

6. Saratoga Pool

A beautiful, cold pool that was very refreshing on a hot day in August.

7. We also camped (twice--once with me and once without).

8. Hiked.

9. Did plenty of bike rides (well, Will biked--I walked).

10. Swam any chance we could at the Y.

11. Went to Vermont (maybe someday I'll post pics of that).

12. Amusement parked (in Hershey. Again, I need my photos from Amy).

Not too shabby for one very pregnant lady, no? Now, the questions is, am I ready for the fall? Yes and no. Fall means school for Will, cooler weather, and one baby girl. I think the former two I'll embrace. But a newborn? Is anyone ever really ready for that? Plus, her nursery is still a hot, hot mess. Ahhhhhhhhhh, guess I'll take summer, thank you very much.


brooke said...

Hi Jesse! Yeah for you delurking and for me finding your blog. I wish Bagley posted more too!

Anyhoo, I wish I lived closer to you and I would crash you water Wednesdays. That looks like fun. And you are a very cute prego lady...doesn't even come close to looking like a pot belly.

I also enjoyed your recap of your trip to Hershey with Bagley in the Vinny. That hit close to home. Roadies are no fun with kids but they're better than staying home!

Glad you enjoyed the high school dance post. It really is a miracle that I dated at all in high school..the clothes, my bangs..it was all a disaster. I hope you got a good laugh!! Josh was my cutest date...good times.

brooke said...

And sorry I spelled your name wrong..I know now it is Jessy!

Vermont Madsens said...

Oh, Jessy love this post. And I too loved the synopsis of the Hershey excursion, good times. Maybe if I was as clever or interesting as you and Brooke I would be a little more motivated to post. Consider the pics on their way . . . maybe tomorrow. Can't wait to see you at Le Tour.

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

You are one active amazing pregnant women. I can't wait to see that cute little girl of yours. My son is almost 3 months old now and I'm still not "ready!"

Tiffani said...

Love it! You are such a good writer. You need to make your blog into a book. You are so cute:)

Just love reading about your little Will and his adventures!

Emily Christensen said...

What happened to #4? Look at your post, you'll get it.

Victoria Blanchard said...

The pictures for #3 and #5 made me smile (miss you guys!) and I LOVE the pic for #6----Will looks like a beast! :)