Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas 2011

This Christmas we celebrated in Vermont with our usual Christmas festivities: the nativity with friends, our traditional Christmas eve dinner (that serves as Christmas Day's dinner as well), Santa, church, present-opening and then the playing with the new Christmas loot. This year the sledding was cancelled due to lack of snow (boo hoo) but we took the big kids to the Muppet Show while Josh stayed home with the babies and Nate worked. Christmas night, once the kids were asleep, we celebrated a job well done with some brownies and homemade peppermint ice cream and some Brian Reagan to boot. Good, fun, sleep-deprived, crazy Christmas--how we like it best!

Now the photos to document:

Will as the wise man, delivering his gift (in a purple box, of course). Sadly, no one would be Dada Joe this year but we did have one child offer to be a cat. I'm sure there were cats in the stable, right?

All the participants in their nativity pose.

I love Beth in this one--look how tenderly she is looking at Baby Jesus. I also love little Nate on the right who is crying, "Save me, save me from baby James."

Luce was there, too, though she wasn't awake.

The Christmas eve jammies.

The Christmas eve jammies pose.

And Lucy's jammies. It was waaaaaay past bedtime.

Oh look, she can be happy.

Christmas morning on the stairs.

Inspecting their Santa loot.

Santa brought all three big kids sleeping bags. They were a hit!

And here they are enjoying Cars 2 in their new sleeping bags.

Lucy, of course, slept through it all. But Will enjoyed opening all her presents.

Good times Christmas 2011! Until next year.