Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Three-Month-Old

Lucy's three months now. And besides eating and sleeping (and eating while she's supposed to be sleeping, i.e. at night) here's what Lucy's been up to:

Posing for her mama for her three-month photo shoot:

And, of course, getting harrassed by her brother during said photo shoot:

Snuggling with Dada:

Chillin' in the bumbo (check out Will in the bumbo at the same age--they could be twins!):

Getting introduced to all the Book of Mormon characters from her big bro.: (Will yelled at me one day, insisting I bring Lucy upstairs so he could show her all his Book of Mormon characters)

Playing in the snow for the first time: (here she's decked out in her outfit. She didn't really play in the snow but she did watch her brother play in the snow for all of ten minutes before she had to hit the sack)

And because he's so cute, I had to throw one in of Will, who is a big part of Lucy's day-to-day life:

We love you, Lucy--even if you still wake up a ridiculous amount at night--we'll keep you anyway. Happy three months!


ShelbySpear said...

She is so pretty!

The Pyper Fam said...

She is so cute! :) Can't wait to see you guys, call me when you get in town and we will play! :) Can't wait to meet little Lu Lu!

Krista said...

Hey at least she's only 3 months and waking up. Mine's almost 7 and STILL waking up! Sometimes I wish my days were more like a 3 month old. Lots of chillin and relaxing.