Wednesday, September 19, 2012


For Josh's b-day, his mom not only bought him some Red Sox tickets, but she also flew out to watch it with us.  It was such a fun, magical night.  I love that stadium and we had the best seats.  We were lucky enough to have Jane join us, though she may feel differently since it took her 6 hours to make a three-hour drive (thanks to traffic between New York and Boston).  We were also lucky enough to have not one but two fly balls land directly in our laps.  Lucy and I left a little earlier so she could get to bed at a somewhat decent time, so we took the bus to the hotel at 9:30 at night and boy was that an adventure!  The next day, Josh, Will, Lucy and Adele and I hung out in Boston on the most beautiful summer day.  I love living so close to such fun places and being able to experience the vibrant cultures of all that surrounds us.  It was a perfect weekend.
Gran, Will and Aunt Jane.
Our amazing seats.
Will and his dada.  Will had so much fun.  He still talks about that baseball game.  And I can't hardly get him to wear anything besides his Red Sox shirt that he got at that game.
Will and then Lucy and Will at the famous bronzed ducklings.

Our goose girl.
Boston Commons was full of all sorts of treasures that day, including a carousel that Will just had to go on.
Our very photpgenic family.
Will and me with some humongous cookies we bought at Fanuiel Hall.
And of course, a late lunch was in order at La Famiglia Girogio's.  Yum, yum, yum.
Since we had walked all the way from Boston Commons to the Italian section on Boston, we were tired (plus, we forgot the stroller--what is wrong with us?), Josh was nice enough to hoof it back solo to get the car while we waited at this bench with this random statue.  Oddly enough, while there we met a friend of the sculptor  and then a friend of the mayor who is sculpted in the statue.  We learned an awful lot about that particular mayor of Boston (though I now cannot even remember his name).  Later that night, our kids tucked in bed, Josh and I went back to Fanuiel Hall in hopes of finding a Boston shirt for Josh and just hung out eating some popcorn and enjoying the perfect summer night.  We love you, Boston--especially when your weather is just right!


bluestocking mama said...

ah, man! This post made me homesick