Wednesday, September 19, 2012


After Boston, Josh went home and Adele and the kids and I headed on up to our favorite territory:  Maine.  We hit up LL Bean, of course, and Frank's house, too, and enjoyed some time hanging out in Freeport and driving around, checking out the beautiful landscape.  Our trip was short, but fun.  Adele spoiled us and we had a good time, though the kids were ready to get home to dada (and I was ready for the kids to get home to their dada).
We saw this LL Bean boot that was actually a truck.  Will insisted on getting a picture.
And the infamous boot (why, oh why did I forget my stroller???)
Will at the fishpond in LL Bean.
And Will at the play area at LLBean right before he threw a tantrum of epic proportions and I carried him kicking and screaming through the store, getting stares from everyone, only to get all the way downstairs and realized I had left his shoes upstairs (we wanted him to try on some clothes and that started the tears and drama.  Imagine making my child try on clothes.  I must be the meanest Mama ever!  It was not my shiniest day as a mother).

Here are the pictures Adele took while trespassing on private property during a thunderstorm.  She told me if she got struck by lightning I could just push her body into the Maine ocean near Frank's home and she'd be happy to rest there for eternity.  Luckily, no such event took place--just some good ol' picture taking of Frank's house (the house we've stayed in the last few years until he hiked up his prices astronomically). 
And the jetty.  What a sight that jetty!


Victoria Blanchard said...

We miss being so close to Boston. We almost went when we were in NY this summer. Maybe next time. It's such a great city!