Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Summer

We had a crazy, busy summer, which, for the most part, is the way I like it.  But with a nursing baby (who still somehow fails to sleep through the night), it was a bit of a challenge, considering all the trips, hotel rooms, tents, airplanes and car trips, etc.  As I look back and reflect on our summer, I think of all the unusual places I was forced to nurse said baby.  And believe you me, it was no small task, especially since--though I love to nurse--I am far from an expert; I'm more of an awkward nurser than a natural.  And especially since Lucy is the squirmiest baby known to man--perhaps only rivaled by the squirminess of her older brother.  So to break down our summer fun, I'll just list some of those awkward nursing moments (lucky you).  And the posts below document the trip through massive amounts of photographs (though, thankfully, none of them are of me nursing).  If you feel so inclined, enjoy a glimpse into our summer fun!  Now for that long-awaited list of those many awkward nursing locations:

  • Seven different airplanes (two to Florida and back and five, yes five, to Spokane and back)
  • Two hotel bathrooms (one in Boston and one in Maine--Lucy slept in the bathroom, of course)
  • One beach house bathroom (in Flordia, where Lucy slept yet again in the bathroom)
  • One tent (while at Lake Roosevelt)
  • The backseat of one Toyota Sequoia (we put Lucy in the port-a-crib in the back of my sister's car in hopes she'd sleep better while camping.  It didn't work).
  •  The beach at Lake Roosevelt
  • Countless cars
  • One bench in Boston Commons
  • One bathroom at La Famigilia Georgio's in Boston (and it was only a one person bathroom, so there was quite the line when I was finished, but what are you gonna do?)
  • One spider-ridden basement (my parents' house.  They forgot to spray for spiders as they usually do and oh, the size and quantity of those spiders in that basement.  I slept with a hooded-sweatshirt cinched tightly every night so as to avoid waking with spiders in my hair.  I may exaggerate just a tad, but how I despise spiders!).


bluestocking mama said...

You guys went everywhere this summer! How fun!

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Great updates! Looks like you guys had a great summer. Sounds like camping has gotten A LOT better since we've gone:) I sure wish some how we could all get together with our kids and camp, as much as I like camping, because it sure would be fun.

Victoria Blanchard said...

I tell you, more and more I don't even care about privacy or worrying about making other people uncomfortable, BUT E refuses to nurse unless she's away from anything exciting (which means any people or lit rooms) so I end up doing crazy things too. No fun!