Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Things He Says

  •  We just love this crazy kid of ours.  I've been recording a few of the funny things he says and now it's time to publish, for your pleasure.  Of course, it's now insanely long, so I won't be offended if you don't read it.  However, I am SURE you will enjoy it!  We love you, Will!
  • Josh's favorite saying is, "That's how I roll."  At dinner one night, Josh insisted Will do the dishes.  When asked why, Josh replied, "Because that's how we roll."  Will didn't want to do the dishes, so he declared, "That's not how I roll."
  • We were enjoying some dinner one night--a chicken salad of some sort.  Josh asked Will if we wanted some dressing on the salad and told Will, "Dressing is the best part."  Will quickly countered with, "No Dada, butter is the best part."  Josh couldn't agree more and he claims it was one of his proudest moments.  It is now a favorite saying at our house.
  • We went to the little town fair and they had some small roller coasters.  Will went on a little roller coaster by himself and he had a look of serious concentration on his face that indicated to me that he was not having a good time.  When I asked him about it after the fact, I commented that it looked like he was scared because he had a scared look on his face.  He denied this by saying, "No, mama, that was my bumpy face."  Oh, all right.  Your bumpy face.  He then tells me that he wears his bumpy face on airplane rides.
  • Any time Will is less than pleased with me he tells me, "Mama, I frustrated at you."  I wonder how often he hears that.
  • "I am the leader!" is a phrase I hear daily.  He has to be the leader into the car, up the stairs-any where.
  • He hasn't quite grasped the rotten egg concept since the other day I told him the last one in the car would be the rotten egg.  When he was the first one in the car and I commented that I was the rotten egg, he complained, "No, I wanted to be the rotten egg".
  • Will has Josh's work number memorized.  He is constantly calling Josh at work and often at times unbeknownst to me.  The other day he called his dada at work, and when Josh wasn't there, left a message, "I hope you're going potty."
  • We were reading our scriptures when Will told me that Laman and Lemuel were the bad guys.  When I asked him why, he said, "Because they went in the big  building."  (the great and spacious building).
  • We were shopping at Target and I told him I was hunting for a tankini top.  He was so intent on helping me "hunt" for a tankini top.  Then, when he looked around and saw all the other women searching the clothing racks he queried, "All these ladies hunting, too?"
  • He got in trouble for something and started crying, "I want to make a better choice.  I want to  make a better choice."  I want him to make a better choice, too.
  • He took a nap with dada so he got to stay up late, then told dada, "You get to stay up late, too!"
  • One night I told him a bed time story and he said, "That is weak sauce."  Usually that is Josh's job and he, clearly, does a much better job.
  • One day I put on his new shoes and told him his shoes were too big.  His response:  "They still have some room for more growing toes."
  • Instead of saying without, he says, with not out.  For instance:  "Don't leave with not out me!"   "I can ride my bike with not out any training wheels!"
  • I had been talking on the phone and when I hung up, Will picks up the phone and says, "It is my turn to have a phone conversation now".
  • Will and Aunt Jane were playing swords and fighting when he pointed his sword high in the sky and shouted, "Go ahead, make my bed!"
  • We were having a family home evening about baptism and accountability when we got off topic a bit, about how even though you're not accountable for wrong-doings until you're 8, you can't just be bad until you're eight and then expect to be good suddenly.  I told Will, "You can't just wake up when you're eight and be good--that would be hard.  You have to be good now, even when you're four."  Will thought about this and then queried, "Why eight-year-olds have a hard time waking up?"  I think he may have missed the point.
  • Will's curse word of choice?  Crap-bags. I have no idea where he got it (well, I really do since Josh and I say it and we got it from an episode of Friends.  Aren't we classy, people, eh?)
  • Looking at a picture of the Virgin Mary and ask him what her name is and he tells me, "Mama Mia."  
  • We were getting ready to go on vacation to Spokane and Will was soooooooooo excited.  He would tell everyone and ANYONE (including strangers), "Only two more sleeps until we go to Grammy and Pompa's."
  •  In every prayer he says, "We're thankful we live at 66 Valleywood Dr."
  • One day Josh and I were going to go on a bike ride.  A former YW from our ward was coming over to watch the kids while we rode.  While I had been preparing to go on my ride, I got dressed in my bike shorts (tight, spandex shorts--very flattering).  Will was there and asked if I wore underwear, to which I told him I didn't.  He didn't seem too concerned about that.  Later, when we were downstairs, greeting the babysitter and Josh came down wearing his bike shorts (with a pair of cargo shorts over) Will asked, "Dada, are you wearing your bike shorts?"  to which Josh answered, "Yes, I am."  Then Will asked, "Are you wearing underwear with your bike shorts?"  To which Josh lied and said, "Yes." (remember all this is being said in front of the babysitter) and then Will proudly declares, "Mama isn't wearing any underwear!"  Thanks Will, for letting that be known and thanks, Josh for hanging me out to dry!
  • We are getting Target around the corner from us and it opens in a few days.  It is a happy occasion at our house and I comment often how the Target will be open for Lucy's b-day (which, as it happens, it's actually opening two days AFTER her b-day.  Bummer).  The other day, in Will's prayer he says, "We're grateful Target will be open for Lucy's birthday.  Can't you wait, Lucy?  Can't you wait?"  It made me laugh for days.


ShelbySpear said...

I love the one where he called Josh at work, too funny!

Jane said...

Target around the corner?!? Sounds like I need to pay you a visit! Oh yes, and I love that Willy! Last but not least, happy birthday Luce!

Victoria Blanchard said...

Awesome. Thanks for the laughs. And where is the Target going to be? That is so awesome! I say that's your consolation prize for still being in NY. :)

Emily Christensen said...

Will you crack me up!