Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lucy Lu Lu

This blog very well may be dying a slow death, but I'm hoping to make a comeback.  So be prepared for some serious catch-up.

This first post is all about our baby girl (well, all about how our baby girl was mid-August when all these pictures were taken).  She was/is/forever will be obsessed with climbing stairs.  And here it is on film, thanks to the photography skills of one Will Madsen (I had to spot the babe, so he snapped the photos).  If the baby gate is not up, Lucy beelines it straight to those stairs.  Luckily, she has an overly concerned big brother who willingly puts the gate up for her so that she can live to see another day.

She just loves to pull herself up and stand.  One morning, she was just being so cute I had to snap a photo (oh how I miss the sunshine and, dare I say, even the humidity.  We've had nonstop rain, clouds and dreary days for a week straight!)
And here she is sportin' some good bed-head.  She crawls into the corner of her crib to sleep and thus the nice bed-head.
Proof:  she escaped her diaper-changing and headed straight for the stairs, sans pants.
Here she is eating her favorite meal:  meatballs.  She is a lover of meat; that is pretty much all she will eat--meat and then fruit and veggies, in that order.  But anything else, no thank you (well, of course candy, ice cream and cookies make the list of likes, as well.  It's just I don't really consider those well-balanced meals)!

And I caught Will sharing his yogurt with her one day.  Is this not the cutest photo?  I love how he just pulled his chair right up to hers.  So stinkin' cute.
Don't worry, he fed himself too.
I daresay she  liked it!


Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Your kids are so sweet to each other!