Saturday, November 17, 2012

Right on Target

A Target store was built just around the corner from us and the grand opening was, of course, required attendance.  Target has been a long anticipated arrival in these parts, especially in our household.  We may or may not have been actively counting down the days until its opening.  And our maiden trip?  All we'd hoped for and more.  We went, we shopped, we spent $93 (though I went in with NO intention of buying anything--now Target may or may not be Josh's new least favorite place) and we, of course, purchased the dollar popcorn (except now it's a $1.35.  Darn that inflation).  And to say that Lucy loves popcorn would be quite the understatement.  We took the popcorn to go and once home we snacked on it in our yard on a lovely fall afternoon.  Lucy was in heaven--so much so that I had to snap a few photos.  And then when her older and bigger brother came by and snatched that there popcorn on up, she would have none of that.  She diligently chased right on after him to acquire those lovely morsels of popped corn.  The below sequence of photographs may or may not be one of my favorite things on film to date.  Hip, hip, hooray for Target!

Enjoying some popcorn in her favorite locale:  the Flinstone car.

And along comes brother.....

You can see he's up to no good.
Enjoy that popcorn while it lasts, Lucy.
Oh no you don't, big bro.

She would not be deterred.

Eureka!  What a nice brother to share.