Saturday, November 10, 2012

Granny Comes to Town

Back in September, Josh's mom came to town for a quick visit (she came to see Josh put into the bishopric in our ward).  Of course, good times were had and pictures were taken, though not one of these pictures are of the visiting lady herself (she was mostly behind the camera).  We went to Stockbridge, MA, to visit the Norman Rockwell musuem and let me tell you locals, this is a must-do.  Not only is the museum darling in and of itself (Will even enjoyed the paintings) but the property is beautiful.  And the town of Stockbridge?  The cutest, quaintest New England town you ever will find.  So, put it on your to-do list.

Granny, as always, treated us right with a dinner at Five Guys (she loves her a good burger) and a homemade meal of her famous roast.  She played with the kids and took us shopping.  What a lady.  We had a great time. You can come back any time, Granny!

Granny snapped some photos of the kids that were so cute that I had to include them:

Will and Goose playing on the lawn outside the museum.

This is a painting Normal Rockwell painted of the town of Stockbridge.  I love it.  I want it in my house someday, though even a print is hundreds and hundreds of dollars.
And this was Will's favorite painting, probably because he could relate.  Will hates to get shots!
The town of Stockbridge:

The beautiful views from behind the museum:


The Pyper Fam said...

That town IS so cute!!! And that granny is quite the photographer, I love those pictures of your kids she took!!! It's always so nice to have granny in town!!! :) I just saw your mama today and I always love seeing her! :)

bluestocking mama said...

We loved the Norman Rockwell museum! Miles and Henry have the sports prints in their room.