Saturday, November 3, 2012

Back to School

The night before Will went back to school (preschool--second year at the Glenville Co-op with Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Robin three times a week) was one of those nights that I want to remember forever.  It was a beautiful summer evening; we spent it in the backyard with a picnic dinner, per Will's request (he loves picnic dinners) and the kids just wrestled and played and had a ball.  Will was soooo excited to go back to school to see his friends and his teachers.  I love preschool for him, though we really do miss him when he's gone.  He's such a joy in our lives and such an inquisitive child, who chats incessantly.  I'm glad he enjoys preschool and just wish he could go to preschool forever.  Three days a week for a couple hours is perfect.  I am not letting him go to all day kindergarten next year.  The thought is already making me hyperventilate.

Will and Lucy wrestling (well, Will wrestling Lucy). 

Here he's wearing his preschool hat that he got to decorate.

And here he is on the first day of school.  He chose his "football" shirt and I let him, though it's not my favorite shirt (I'm trying to let him have some independence when it comes to dressing him.  It's hard, though).
And the infamous pirate face.
Will and Lucy Lu.  She looks jazzed, no?

With Ms. Stephanie.