Monday, November 19, 2012


Halloween at long last--just in time for Thanksgiving!  We had a great Halloween--the church party, a neighborhood block party, the school shin-dig and then, of course, trick or treating itself.  For Halloween this year, Will insisted on being Thomas the Train and was adamant about having his little sister be the train engineer.  So, that's what they were:  Thomas and one cute little train engineer.  Will really gets holidays these days and it makes them all the more fun.  He just couldn't get enough of his cute train costume (that Josh made out of cardboard boxes--props to Josh) and he just may or may not be obsessed with candy, candy, candy!  Happy Halloween all (er, I mean Happy Thanksgiving!).
P.S. (Both my cameras were having issues--or at least I was having issues with both cameras so please excuse the sub-par pictures).

His costume was so big and wide that he would knock people down without knowing it.  Plus, when he wanted to get by someone while at the crowded church he would just hoot like a train to let someone know he was coming through.  It was a crackup!
Goose bug was ready for her bed.  (And notice she is wearing mismatched socks.  That girl WILL NOT keep shoes or socks on so I have so many missing socks that I can NEVER find a match).