Friday, November 30, 2012

My Life Lately

In case there are masses of you out there, eagerly wondering what it is I have been doing as of late, then rest assured, the time to find out is now (and I'm fairly certain there are at least two of you out there).  My life lately consists of the following:

  • The dropping off and picking up of one boy named William.  I never knew taking a child to and from preschool could be so time-consuming as well as how it ultimately runs my life.  I feel as though I am constantly finishing only half a project before it's time to go get Will from school.  Or determining which errands I may or may not run depending on the proximity to Will's school.  Plus, I actually prefer to have Will home with me, though he actually prefers the company of his classmates and  teachers. 
  • Taking care of one baby girl who has decided she needs only one nap instead of two.  She needs two but nothing I do can convince her of that.  Ergo, it isn't just Will's school that prevents me from finishing anything.  Lucy has been making it increasingly difficult for me to do anything except cater to her every need.  The nerve.  At least she's cute.
  • Christmas-card making.  Yes, for the first time in twelve years, we are sending a Christmas card, thanks to Groupon and the talented April Newman.  However, it may or may not have taken me an entire day to design the card and then decide which card to use.  No one ever told me it could be such an exhausting task.
  • Weaning.  As in not nursing.  Finally.  At 13.5 months I feared it may never happen.  But a few weeks ago I decided I was done, even if she wasn't.  It was time.  And how did I celebrate?  By having a day, a whole five hours, to myself wherein I went and got a massage (thanks again to Groupon) and went Christmas shopping all by myself.  Hooray for me.  Boo for Lucy.
  • Church, church and more church.  I've decided one of the reasons I have no productive hobbies (besides exercising, reading and watching television, which, let's be honest, happen in the opposite order) is because either I am at church or working on something for church or my husband is.  So, I guess church is my hobby (well, I guess it's not just a hobby--it's far more than that but you get the idea).
  • Eating an inordinate amount of mint M&Ms.  Those bad boys are good.  Mint M&Ms is what Christmas is all about (that or anything mint chocolate for that matter.  Have you people tried these?  Really, you must.  I insist.  But don't buy them from Amazon--they're on sale at Target for $2.29 a  bag).  I've decided I'm just putting on weight for the long, cold months of winter--just like bears and  other hibernating animals.  I gotta make it through 'til spring somehow.
  • Buying a new-to-us car.  Finally.  May Vinnie, the good mini-van, rest in peace.  Our car of purchase?  A 2009 Toyota Highlander in Blizzard Pearl.  It's beautiful but best of all it has four-wheel drive.  No longer must I dread winter or the snow or the mountainous climb that is my driveway.
There you have it folks. What I've been up to lately.  Now, what's your latest?


Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

It is sooo hard when they only go to school for 2 hours. You can't get anything done! So jealous you got a Highlander. I LOVE those. so miss mine!

Victoria Blanchard said...

Ooh, I'm just about to publish a response to this on my blog. :)

bluestocking mama said...

Congrats on the car! And now I'm eagerly awaiting the Christmas card . . .