Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall: Leaves

Every year we rake up some leaves, pile them high and gleefully bounce into the leaves, all so we can get a nice photo opportunity.  Then we happily redistribute the leaves and let Dada take care of them later.  Of course, we help Dada, who has mastered the leave-picking-up process (he mows and bags the leaves, then digs a hole for them in our garden plots where he then dumps the leaves in and then mows over the leaves so they will be small enough to decompose in our garden for some nice mulch come next spring.  It's quite the process, but the most effective one he's found).   This year, we even got a photo of Will helping with the real leaf-picking-up process.  When willing, that kid can be a real work horse (especially when it's helping his dada with some special project).  He stayed out there for the two plus hours it took to mow and bag the leaves, helping the entire time.  And of course, Lucy had to be in on some of the action by playing happily in her favorite little car.  She loves that car.