Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our Summer

We had a crazy, busy summer, which, for the most part, is the way I like it.  But with a nursing baby (who still somehow fails to sleep through the night), it was a bit of a challenge, considering all the trips, hotel rooms, tents, airplanes and car trips, etc.  As I look back and reflect on our summer, I think of all the unusual places I was forced to nurse said baby.  And believe you me, it was no small task, especially since--though I love to nurse--I am far from an expert; I'm more of an awkward nurser than a natural.  And especially since Lucy is the squirmiest baby known to man--perhaps only rivaled by the squirminess of her older brother.  So to break down our summer fun, I'll just list some of those awkward nursing moments (lucky you).  And the posts below document the trip through massive amounts of photographs (though, thankfully, none of them are of me nursing).  If you feel so inclined, enjoy a glimpse into our summer fun!  Now for that long-awaited list of those many awkward nursing locations:

  • Seven different airplanes (two to Florida and back and five, yes five, to Spokane and back)
  • Two hotel bathrooms (one in Boston and one in Maine--Lucy slept in the bathroom, of course)
  • One beach house bathroom (in Flordia, where Lucy slept yet again in the bathroom)
  • One tent (while at Lake Roosevelt)
  • The backseat of one Toyota Sequoia (we put Lucy in the port-a-crib in the back of my sister's car in hopes she'd sleep better while camping.  It didn't work).
  •  The beach at Lake Roosevelt
  • Countless cars
  • One bench in Boston Commons
  • One bathroom at La Famigilia Georgio's in Boston (and it was only a one person bathroom, so there was quite the line when I was finished, but what are you gonna do?)
  • One spider-ridden basement (my parents' house.  They forgot to spray for spiders as they usually do and oh, the size and quantity of those spiders in that basement.  I slept with a hooded-sweatshirt cinched tightly every night so as to avoid waking with spiders in my hair.  I may exaggerate just a tad, but how I despise spiders!).


In June, we went to Clearwater, FL, with Josh's family.  It is a gulf-side little town just west of Tampa that had beautiful sunny beaches.  We stayed at a beach house that was just one block from the beach, so every day was filled with fun in the sun and lots and lots of cousin time.  We had a ball with our family and were grateful to go home the day before a tropical storm hit the very beaches where we had stayed!
Will and Grant running on the beach.
Cute Will.
The cousins (with the help of Uncle Josh) burying Uncle Ryan.
All the cousins in their matching shark jammies that Gran bought them (which five of the nine grand kids already owned a pair!).
Josh horse-playing in the ocean with the girls.  The ocean was perfect for kids because there were little to no waves and it was warm, warm, warm.  However, Will was not a fan of the saltwater.
And what do you know?  Lucy was there, too.  Though she only made limited visits to the beach and mostly just napped back at the beach house, while Granny and Gus were there with her.  Perfect for her mama to go sunning on the beach sans a baby in tow.
At the Clearwater aquarium where we met Winter, the famous dolphin who has a prosthetic tale.
Will and Grant.  How cute are they?


For Josh's b-day, his mom not only bought him some Red Sox tickets, but she also flew out to watch it with us.  It was such a fun, magical night.  I love that stadium and we had the best seats.  We were lucky enough to have Jane join us, though she may feel differently since it took her 6 hours to make a three-hour drive (thanks to traffic between New York and Boston).  We were also lucky enough to have not one but two fly balls land directly in our laps.  Lucy and I left a little earlier so she could get to bed at a somewhat decent time, so we took the bus to the hotel at 9:30 at night and boy was that an adventure!  The next day, Josh, Will, Lucy and Adele and I hung out in Boston on the most beautiful summer day.  I love living so close to such fun places and being able to experience the vibrant cultures of all that surrounds us.  It was a perfect weekend.
Gran, Will and Aunt Jane.
Our amazing seats.
Will and his dada.  Will had so much fun.  He still talks about that baseball game.  And I can't hardly get him to wear anything besides his Red Sox shirt that he got at that game.
Will and then Lucy and Will at the famous bronzed ducklings.

Our goose girl.
Boston Commons was full of all sorts of treasures that day, including a carousel that Will just had to go on.
Our very photpgenic family.
Will and me with some humongous cookies we bought at Fanuiel Hall.
And of course, a late lunch was in order at La Famiglia Girogio's.  Yum, yum, yum.
Since we had walked all the way from Boston Commons to the Italian section on Boston, we were tired (plus, we forgot the stroller--what is wrong with us?), Josh was nice enough to hoof it back solo to get the car while we waited at this bench with this random statue.  Oddly enough, while there we met a friend of the sculptor  and then a friend of the mayor who is sculpted in the statue.  We learned an awful lot about that particular mayor of Boston (though I now cannot even remember his name).  Later that night, our kids tucked in bed, Josh and I went back to Fanuiel Hall in hopes of finding a Boston shirt for Josh and just hung out eating some popcorn and enjoying the perfect summer night.  We love you, Boston--especially when your weather is just right!


After Boston, Josh went home and Adele and the kids and I headed on up to our favorite territory:  Maine.  We hit up LL Bean, of course, and Frank's house, too, and enjoyed some time hanging out in Freeport and driving around, checking out the beautiful landscape.  Our trip was short, but fun.  Adele spoiled us and we had a good time, though the kids were ready to get home to dada (and I was ready for the kids to get home to their dada).
We saw this LL Bean boot that was actually a truck.  Will insisted on getting a picture.
And the infamous boot (why, oh why did I forget my stroller???)
Will at the fishpond in LL Bean.
And Will at the play area at LLBean right before he threw a tantrum of epic proportions and I carried him kicking and screaming through the store, getting stares from everyone, only to get all the way downstairs and realized I had left his shoes upstairs (we wanted him to try on some clothes and that started the tears and drama.  Imagine making my child try on clothes.  I must be the meanest Mama ever!  It was not my shiniest day as a mother).

Here are the pictures Adele took while trespassing on private property during a thunderstorm.  She told me if she got struck by lightning I could just push her body into the Maine ocean near Frank's home and she'd be happy to rest there for eternity.  Luckily, no such event took place--just some good ol' picture taking of Frank's house (the house we've stayed in the last few years until he hiked up his prices astronomically). 
And the jetty.  What a sight that jetty!


In August, we headed off to Spokane to spend time with my family and then to have a nice, big ol' camping trip at our favorite lake, Lake Roosevelt.  And let me tell you, the Spear family knows how to camp.  We had a nice covered pavilion, with flush toilets and showers right next door, a lcd projector for movie night, a plethora of food and a boat and jet ski at our disposal, courtesy of my sister and her husband.  That's living right, I tell you.  The kids had a ball (well, the big kids) while Lucy got passed from person to person so as to remain happy.  We had such a good time--can't wait 'til next summer!
Uncle Jon holding baby Lucy.
Josh on the jetski.
Josh holding the baby girls, Sadie and Lucy.
Will and Luce in the floating car.
Eating dinner at our pavilion--we had meals down; we were like a well-oiled machine, I tell you what!
The adults chillin' by the campfire once the rugs finally went to bed.
The kids watching a show on the big screen--Mirror, Mirror.
Tanner and Lucy.  Tanner was such a help.  It's so nice to have cousins old enough to babysit and who are also so good and cute with babies!
Will and his man crush, cousin Nixon.
Lucy--this girl loves the water and the beach; she would just crawl along the shoreline, talking and jabbering.  It was too cute.
The games the big boys played:  wiffle ball, frisbee, volleyball--you name it!
On the boat.
Josh on the jet ski.
And Will, once again, with Nixon.  Those two boys are like a matched set--they are so alike.