Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas in Vermont

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring--not even a mouse....well, except for Willy screaming bloody murder in his crib because, apparently, he was "choosing not to sleep".
Opening the Christmas eve present (pre-screaming in his bed)
And guess what everyone got for their Christmas eve presents? That's right: jammies. Here we all are (including our adopted daughter, Beth, who had to be in the picture. Isn't she a doll?)
Will and Beth Christmas eve:
And Santa Claus DEFINITELY came to town, bringing Will this nice push toy, Sam some soft blocks that Will secretly liked more than his own present (he kept grabbing them from Sam) and Beth an American Girl doll named Samantha whom she adored. However, she did NOT want Will to touch the doll (understandably--he's a bit of a brute), but every time they rode in the car together she would dangle the doll right next to Will, tempting him to just grab hold of the doll's hair and pull, pull, pull and, of course, he would. And, of course, Beth would shriek, "Will's pulling Samantha's hair!" I would then calmly tell her to move Samantha out of Will's reach and then Will could not reach Samantha's hair. Ah, crisis averted.
All the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. Well, we forgot to hang our stockings, Josh had no stocking (hence the hockey sock in the background of the below picture) but, alas, St. Nicholas found us anyway. And what did Will get in his stocking? You guessed it: a ball! (Notice Sam's block sitting next to him--he didn't want to let those things go. I guess I know what he'll be getting for his birthday).

Here's a photo of all three kids opening presents at 3:00 p.m. That's right--we had to wait for Nate to get home from work to open the rest of the presents, so Christmas lasted ALL day.
What child is this or should we say whose child is this???? And why can we not take a decent photograph of this child? Here are our attempts at some Christmas day photos of our little guy:

Our Christmas family photo. And though we were not home for Christmas, we will always cherish our Vermont Christmases (and Vermont is practically like our second home anyway, right?)
Hark! the Herald Angels sang...or was it Hark! the tired babies screamed? This is what happened when we tried to get a picture of all three children. I HAD to post the progression of these photos:
Phase 1: Will crying, Sam dazed by the camera, Beth in "baby family" heaven.
Phase 2: Will dazed by Amy, Sam crying, Beth still in Baby heaven.
Phase 3: Will's done, Sam's done, Beth's thinking, "Where did all my babies go?"

Thanks to Nate, Amy, Sam and Beth for such a GOODLY Christmas vacation. We loved the good food, good shows, and of course, the good company. There are moments we will treasure in our hearts forever (especially the time when Amy was feeling quite hot in the backseat of the Volvo and the many times Nate traipsed around the house in his union suit with a "warming flap". Lucky us, we saw more of Nate and Amy than we had ever wanted to). Now, we're off to more adventures for the New Year. Stay tuned....


Cyndie said...

Hi Jessy....please don't think me some crazy stalker lady. My name is Cyndie and I am a new Mommy living down south here in the Atlanta area. I have literally spent the whole day (I work at a call center and New Year's Eve is a very SLOW day for us) reading your family blog from current all the way back to just before will was born. I feel like I've gotten to know quite a bit of your family today through your posts. Will is an absolute angel by the way. My daughter was born exactly seven months (to the day) after your precious boy. It amazes me of how different they are. I know that Will is much older now but at 4 months he had lots of room in his Bumbo where as Skylar has a very tight fit in hers. She's so chubby that one of us has to hold the Bumbo down and the other person pull her out lest the Bumbo be stuck to her bottom. She also hates tummy time at almost four months old and doesn't like laying on her back too much. She won't sleep in her crib and spends each night in her bouncy with the vibration going. I would LOVE for her to be more like little Will was...rolling around and scooting in his crib. A mommy can dream right?

Well, I won't keep you. Just wanted to say "hi" and let you know I've been, um....."reading" your blog today. If you'd like to be bloggy-friends our site is:


The Pyper Fam said...

I love that first picture of will opening his present--he looks so determined and focused on that present! I also love his Christmas sweater he was wearing in the pics on Christmas day! I so hope to meet that little Beth one day, she seems like quite the funny little girl! :) Looks like you had a great time in Vermont, I can't wait to see you sometime here soon, (again, I can't remember exactly what day you will be here, but I do know that it will be soon) And you look great in the pictures! Especially the one of Christmas day in front of the tree with Will! Right now we are stranded in Seattle because the pass is closed due to avalanche warning and control. We came here a few days ago to drop Bens parents off at the airport and spend new years eve with our friends and have been here ever since. The pass is now open so hopefully we'll be home tomorrow. Tucker has been with my parents and I'm pretty sure has forgotten who we are by now! I'm kind of ready to just be home and have the holiday craziness over! :) Can't wait to see yoU!

Rosie Moncrief said...

Will looked so cute opening his presents!! When are you coming to Utah? I hope I'll be able to see you.

Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

Looks like fun. You are such a cute family. Have I missed you in Utah?

tida6 said...

Cute story Jess:) Love the pictures of the kiddos. Little Will is so stinkin' cute in his Christmas sweater.
Beth looks like a real sweetie! We got our girls the American girl dolls Kit and Ruthie. They take them everywhere and change their clothes like 15 times a day.

I am glad you had a great Christmas. Hope the new year brings you happiness and success.

Emily said...

Looks like Will had a fun 1st Christmas. What's better--they get better and better with each year. Vermont looks fun~it's on our list of places to go~someday. Happy New year!

Anonymous said...

Jessy, are you? This is Heather Brown...I found your Blog from Erika Holding Mitchell's exciting. You have a baby and he's soooo cute!! Congrats! How are you, what have you been up to all these years? If you get a chance drop me an e-mail at I would love to hear from you!

Nikki said...

Hi Jessy! It's so fun to see you and your little family. I've heard that your blog is quite a hoot and I'm finally getting yours connected with mine. Your little boy is so cute. I bet you're having fun with him (expect those no sleeping during the night moments). Hope you are doing well.