Thursday, December 4, 2008

Giving Thanks..

This Thanksgiving we gave thanks with the Madsen clan in the land of Oprah and Obama: Chi-town. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but a fun Thanksgiving gathering. And, during this trip, I managed to give thanks for the following:

  • The Corner Bakery, the scrumptious cafe that provided us with no less than four meals. Yummy, yummy.
  • Will sleeping through the night at the hotel (in the bathroom, mind you). First time he's done that while on a trip. Loved it.
  • Tickets to Wicked. Need I say more? It's just as amazing in Chicago as it is on Broadway. The best Ga-linda I've seen. (Josh was lucky enough to get to see it twice since Nate, his brother, "chose sleep").
  • Maggiano's, where we had Thanksgiving dinner. Let me just name all our courses: three types of dreamy bruschetta, two types of delectable salads, turkey that was divine, stuffing, ham, mashed potatoes, creamed corn and if you thought that wasn't enough we also had spaghetti and meatballs, rigatoni with Alfredo sauce and two types of dessert. Wow. It was good. Will thought so as well since he ate and ate and ate and ate. I am pretty sure he out-ate both Josh and me, which is no small feat. Impressive.
  • Touring the fun Fields Museum (where we had lunch at, you guessed it, Corner Bakery). The best part was the children's section in the basement. They had a rubber-room. Literally--a little room made out of rubber pads complete with toys that Will loved. It was a kid haven.
  • Wildfire, another restaurant where we were served far too many courses that were far too good. Thus, Josh, Will and I all overate once again. But it was totally worth it and I'd do it again. In a heartbeat.
  • Josh and Will wearing matching outfits for Thanksgiving (see pictures below). The best part really was the fact that Josh was so very excited to match with Willy. He told me, "I'm wearing my rugby on Thursday, so plan Will's outfits accordingly." I adore my boys. Seriously adore them.
  • The fact that I did NOT have to wear a one-piece, long underwear union suit with a "trap door" in the back for our Madsen Family Christmas picture, which were taken in front of the Christmas tree in our hotel lobby. Josh, his brothers and his dad, however, were not so lucky. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, just wait 'til you receive your very own Madsen Family Christmas card. It's worth the wait.
  • Arriving safely at O'Hare Airport. Now that was a trip. 7 people, just as many bags, only 6 seats, two strollers, three car seats and a tiny SUV. Imagine what fun that was.
  • Sarah (our three year old niece) saying to an unnamed family member: "Oh, I love your big girl panties!" Oh, my tummy hurt from all the laughing.
  • And of course, the best was bonding with the Madsen family, some of my favorite people. I LOVE spending time with Josh's family, and I LOVE Will playing with his cousins. Josh and I are so blessed in our families, who just really are the best.
It was a grand trip, even though big cities with eleven adults and five kids is sometimes tricky. Boy, we were a sight. I love spending holidays with our families and I know this Thanksgiving I have MORE blessings than I can possibly ever count. My cup runneth over!

Here are the few pictures we managed to take, all on Thanksgiving day when my boys were matching:


Kimberly said...

What a fun trip. Lols at josh and his outfit planning. I really can picture him saying that. And i LOVE your dark hair. . . so sexy. Did nicole do it? Cindy was telling me, that nicole was mentioning that she did your hair, and was wondering if the two of you knew each other. Oh, how we miss our ny friends! What a twisted web i've woven, haha!

Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

You guys were so busy! I too love the corner bakery. We had one by us in Cali. I am glad you had fun and we can't wait to see you in January.

Rosie Moncrief said...

I love WICKED too!! I will do a special post just for you of when Carol and I went to see it! Let's just say we found the stage door...... and it was awesome!

Emily said...

Sounds like a great trip. I LOVE Wicked! Can't wait to see the "trap door" suits! So fun to be with family for the holidays, especially when you live away.

Lauren said...

I love the corner bakery, and Wicked, and your hair! glad you had a good thanksgiving!

bluestocking mama said...

sounds fun! i love wicked too. wish i could see the madsen family picture. i remember a few of those beauties when touring the madsen home post-jerusalem!