Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lessons Learned

  • No matter what time you go to bed, your child will still wake up at 7:00 a.m.
  • When weather.com forecasts rain during your planned BBQ, it will rain (thus, making your outdoor BBQ hosting 25 people an indoor BBQ. Indoor BBQ not as ideal as an outdoor one, but still fun. Darn that rain).

  • Having an indoor BBQ makes for some seriously messy indoor floors.

  • Four day weekends are much better than two day weekends. I heart holidays.

  • A seven-mile bike ride does not make up for: two pieces of chocolate-banana bread, two bowls of ice cream and, sadly, two lemon bars. Oh wait, make that three lemon bars. Arghh, holidays.
  • 1:00 church makes me seriously tempted to go inactive.
  • Doing yard work actually makes your yard look better. Who knew?
  • Going to the park with my 15-month-old is both dangerous and vigorous. Dangerous because I, a 30-year-old woman, have to squeeze into spaces designed for a 3-ft. tall child. Vigorous because I, a 30-year-old woman, have to squeeze into spaces designed for a 3-ft. tall child AND make sure my own child doesn't: fall off the precarious ledges, slide down the slide backwards, and/or hug/wrestle other children right off those precarious ledges. It's quite the work-out.


Kimberly said...

woah, i have so much catching up to do, where do i start, oh yes, Happy birthday! You and seth are in the same club, seth is having a hard time with the transition. I love you hair dark, i know i said it before, but it does look so good. And you look great. And training for a Dualathon, that's major. That was nice beth could help you out. Will is getting so big, Look at him mowing, jackson has a little mower, that for the past two years he dutifully works on the yard with seth, and he stays out there the whole time never giving in, then parks his mower next to seths when the job is done! And finally, woah, where did may go? We really need to get together soon, and i thought oh, we will do it in may, and now whoops, may is gone! so find a good weekend, and come visit us and swim in our nice warm pool :)

Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

Wow you have learned a lot. I too hate 1:00 church! Lucky for me I don't have it.

Krista said...

We have 1:00 church too. It seems to always be Evelyns naptime, therefore, Mom is out in the hall during sacrament meeting. Sorry about the rain, but at least you had fun. I can't believe Will is 15 months old! Wow!

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

I too strongly dislike 1:00 church. Ours is at 12:30...not much time for lunch before hand.

Danalin said...

You always make me laugh, sista. Love the red boots and diapered bottom combo...on your son, of course. Not so hot on anyone over the age of about 4-ish I would think.