Saturday, May 23, 2009

Red Boots and Lawn Mowing

I had to post these photos of my little guy because I couldn't resist. Long before Will was even born, Josh's mom had given us these cute little red cowboy boots. Since I thought they were darling, I've just had them on the bottom shelf of my plant stand (ignore my sad, dying plant). Well, just yesterday Will discovered them and ever since has been begging me to put them on him. And, of course, I did. When he found them first thing yesterday morning, he was sans pants and it was so cute, that I just had to take a photo. And now you get to see him in nothing but his red boots (well, and a diaper and jammie top).

And since this was the first time Josh mowed the lawn while Will was awake, we had to go see what Dada was up to. And boy was he obsessed with the lawn mower. Then when Dada let him help push the lawn mower, he was just in a tizzy--he had to be mowing the lawn. And again, since it was too cute, I had to have a photo. Too bad Will never wants to actually look at the camera.

I had to take him inside soon after because he wanted so very badly to help his dada, but if that were the case, the lawn would never have gotten mowed. So, we went inside for a bath and bed instead. Cute little guy.


jess said...

man, we have to get our little guys together... sounds like they'd have so much to gibber-jabber about since they might just have all the same obsessions :)

Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

Love the boots! Don't you love what great helpers these little people are!