Saturday, May 9, 2009

Palmyra, People

We headed off to Palmyra for another trip to the temple. And it made my heart happy to be there. Everyone should go to Palmyra in the spring--there is something so tangibly sacred and spiritual about Palmyra in the spring. As usual, the temple trip was good for the soul (even if the six-hour round-trip car drive with a toddler was not good for the soul. Thank goodness for my son's seemingly unhealthy obsession with Baby Einsteins). Here are some shots of the family in the Sacred Grove. (And thank goodness it was not rainy like last time).
This is actually outside the Sacred Grove where we ate lunch on some picnic tables. Have I told you how much this kids loooooooves to eat? And how he will eat anything & everything? I had gone to this yummy local cafe and I was only going to buy two sandwiches to share between the three of us, but then I remembered how much my son ate. And he ate an entire adult-sized sandwich And he loved it. And he kept making the sign for "more".
Will RAN in the grove. He loved it. He loves trails and nature walks and being outside in general. He went up to every tree and gave the tree a hug (I tried so hard to get a shot of that). And he refuses to hold your hand when we are on walks, as you can see from the above photo. And please ignore the fact that it is not a shot of my best "side".

He tried to pat all the leaves, pick up every rock and run down all the ravines.

And since we didn't have time to spend three hours there, Josh had to carry the peanut on his shoulders. And, of course, Josh's head became a drum.
Aren't my boys the cutest? I wish I could somehow express in words the absolute peace and joy I always feel when I go to the Sacred Grove. And I wish I could convey the overwhelming feeling of gratitude that overcame me as I walked through that holy place with the two people I love most in the world and how blessed I felt for all that I have. With the sun streaming through the leaves, casting intermittent rays of sunlight on the path, with the birds chirping in the trees and the sound of my son's laughter and awe at every new thing, I truly felt blessed. I am blessed. Happy Palmyra Trip!


Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Wow! That is so cool you get to go to the Sacred Grove! It's beautiful.