Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thirty, Flirty & Thriving

Well, it's official: I'm thirty now. When Josh and I met in Jerusalem, I had just turned twenty. I was so proud of myself for being twenty, constantly claiming that I could do anything now that I was twenty. Well, now that I am thirty I am not so bold. However, one thing that I can do now that I'm thirty, that I surely couldn't when I was twenty: change three messy diapers before 8:00 a.m. That's right--I'm thirty now and I can change a mean messy diaper. That's saying something.

My b-day week, as I like to refer to it, was marvelous, perfect, everything that I had asked for. It started off with a bang: Will waking up at 4:00 a.m. with one of those precious diapers. But b-day miracles do happen--Josh heard him (a miracle in itself) and got up unprompted, changed the diaper and rocked Will back to sleep. Impressive. It was all uphill from there. Will woke up again at 7:00 (again with the messy diaper--that's #2) and when I went in to go to the bathroom, I found a note leading me on a treasure hunt to find all my b-day prizes. And what prizes I received: bike shorts, bike shoes, clipless pedals (brave of me), bike socks, bike gloves. I'm sensing a theme. But I was stoked. Josh told me the other day that I'm starting to look like an actual cyclist. I wonder what I looked like before? After the treasure hunt, I got my third b-day present from Willy--yup, the THIRD messy diaper before 8:00 a.m. Happy B-day to me...

Anyway, my visiting teachers came and brought me flowers, I went out to lunch and then Will took a nice long nap while I got caught up on all my shows. Even though it was a Monday and that's my cleaning day, I did not do one productive thing. Perfect. Then, that night after I went running in the rain, took a shower and read on my bed in my robe (one of my favorite pass-times) I got the dream dinner: chicken Marsala, molten lava cakes and even cake batter ice cream (one of my favorites). We finished watching Australia (good show) and then were off to bed.

Here's the man cooking the meal (yes, in his penguin jammies--real men wear penguin jammies):

Friday rolled around (my official celebration day) and I got everything on my list. A homemade breakfast of steel-cut oats with all the fixins' (after I slept in, of course):
(Attractive photo of me eating breakfast, no?)

A mani-pedi: (showing it off in my new gold wedges) A family nap (love those. No photo included b/c we were sleeping!)

A romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant. I wish I could give the meal justice: spinach, artichoke dip for appetizer; pecan, cherry encrusted pork chop (dream); and chocolate pecan pie for dessert. Yes, it was heaven. And while we were enjoying a candlelit dinner, these two hooligans were babysitting our child:

(lucky for us, Will was in bed the entire time)

The peanut & the b-day gal:

Will's new trick:

He was sooooooooo excited that it was my b-day:

And how sweet is that face?
Happy 30th B-day to me! Thanks to my specified list (and my dutiful hubby), all went spectacularly well! Thanks, Squish for a great week! Thanks everyone for all the cards, calls, thoughts and presents! And the best gift--my sis Emily and her little guy Garret came the next week for a visit! Yipee! More to come on that.


tida6 said...

Happy belated 30 Jess! Always 7 days before mine. You look gorgeous:) Glad you had a great one. *HUGS*

:) Tiff

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

I am so happy to hear it went so well for you. Happy, happy 30th! Why on earth did your child poop his pants 3 times in one morning? Is that normal? I think I will post my dream birthday next year so it will turn out great...super idea.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday and welcome to 30! You know, I actually really like being 30. Glad your day (week) was just how you wanted it! I love how you didn't make subtle hints of what you wanted~being blunt is the way to go!

Your pics in Palmyra are great. We've only been once, but I love that place! Such a special, wonderful feeling there!

Mikaela said...

You guys are awesome! And happy birthday. It was on my calendar, but I have turned into a slacker and didn't acknowledge it.

Rosie Moncrief said...

Glad you had such a perfect birthday!!!

Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

Its about time! 30 is great trust me I've been 30 for 6 months now. You are just as beautiful as you were at 20 if not more so. I love you to bits.