Friday, July 4, 2008

Palmyra, People!

What do you get when you decide to:

  • drive six hours in the car with an almost 5-month-old
  • attend the temple for the first time since said 5-month-old was born
  • sleep in the same hotel room with aforementioned 5-month-old
  • visit authentic church history sites
  • eat at a yummy local cafe that came highly recommended (from Annie & Granny)
  • shop-til-you-drop at the outlets where your husband usually refuses to stop?

You get:

  • three hours of a screaming, squirrely baby (he was good for half of each car ride....)
  • spiritual replenishment
  • a good night's sleep...Will did great sleeping in the hotel's port-a-crib IN THE BATHROOM!
  • wet, wet, wet! (it rained and rained and rained and then rained some more)
  • yucky, greasy pizza since said local cafe was closed for the week b/c the owner went out of town (couldn't anyone ELSE run it?? Gotta love small towns)!
  • great deals and some much-needed shopping for post-baby clothes (I could have shopped for DAYS; Will and his father, on the other hand, could not).

Yes, that sums up our short visit to Palmyra, NY. It was good, wet fun and we'll be happy to do it again soon! Enjoy the pics.

Will playing with the hotel's princess ball.
Josh and Will in the sacred grove....bad picture b/c it was WET and I didn't have an umbrella. I did, however, get to wear Josh's dad's awesome purple rain jacket that he bought in 1980 and then gave to Josh (Josh, brilliantly, threw it the trunk of the car in case of rain emergency. And this was just the case: rain emergency. I am not a boy scout like Josh, so had NOT packed my rain gear). I looked hot. Sorry no pictures to document my beauty.

More of Will. Look--he's putting the ball in his mouth--SURPRISE!
Josh and Will in Joseph Smith's barn, with Joseph Smith's frame home in the background.
The barn, the kid and the hubby.
Will and his chins (yes, plural).
More rainy, blurry sacred grove.


Jason, Cookie, Olivia said...

Who knew one litle person could make traveling so different than it use to be huh. It still looks like a great time. I wish it would rain here.

tida6 said...

Love Palmyra. Everyone needs to go there. It's so beautiful and a spiritual experience.
Will looks so cute cuddled up in Josh's jacket.

Emily said...

When you make it to DC for a visit, we live right by an AWESOME outlet mall if you want more shopping! Isn't Palmyra great?!