Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We Meet Baby Sam!

Josh's brother and his wife had a baby at the end of June and we could hardly wait to meet him. So, a week and a half ago we traveled north to visit our favorite Vermonters and got to meet cute Baby Sam. Of course, we had fun with Beth, too! Lucky for us, Granny (Josh's mom) was there, so we got to see her as well. It was a fun weekend, though I am sure Amy was ready to be free of us (thanks for letting us invade your house, Amy!)
Beth loooooooooves Will (she loves babies in general, but especially her cousins). Look at Will's face. Gotta love it.
The three babes. A little blurry b/c of my expert photographing ability.
How do you get three kids to look at the camera at once?
Ahhh...all three kiddos looking at the camera! Finally.
My favorite Bethisms over the weekend:
  • When she was playing with the two babies, Will and Sam, at once, she was in HEAVEN. She was dancing around and singing: "I have a baby family! I have a baby family!"
  • Beth's mom, Amy, has a pee-pee tee-pee for Baby Sam so he won't pee all over when she is changing his diaper. So, one night we had a fire and Beth's dad stacked the kindling in a tee-pee formation in the fire pit. When Beth came out and saw the kindling she shouted: "It's a pee-pee tee-pee! It's a pee-pee tee-pee" And, sure enough, it did look just like a pee-pee tee-pee. That girl! We love her. I always want to take her home with us--she is such a joy and loves Will so very much!


Jason, Cookie, Olivia said...

So it seems that good looks run in Joshe's family. Sam is a cutie just like Will!!

The Pyper Fam said...

Those pictures make Will look SO big! I can't believe it! He looks tall, is he tall? Maybe its just because the baby Sam is so small small small. I can't believe that she already had her baby! That flew by really fast. Cute cute cute kids. Granny Adelee must be so proud of all these cute new babies in the fam.

tida6 said...

It so much fun to see family. I just saw Chrissy's little boy, Levi for the first time. He is a so peaceful!! I am sure she needed that since the 4 girls are a little wild.
Love the pic. of the 3 of them together. Too cute:)

Ryan and Angela said...

when you put will next to another baby he looks so big. and i haven't even seen him yet. can't wait to see him soon.