Saturday, October 24, 2009

le Tour

Our third annual le Tour de Vermont; it really has it all: beautiful bike rides through picturesque Vermont towns, gorgeous fall foliage, wonderful company, perfect weather, the best accommodations and even matching t-shirts (a must, really, for any successful vacation). If only every day I could live life like on le Tour--exercising everyday(with people!), Will playing with cousins every day, NOT cooking/cleaning every day, and, of course, watching 4 hours of 'Dancing with the Stars' every night. Oh, Tour. We can't hardly wait for next year. (And Macy Gray, all we can say is, you never had a chance).
*The only downside: apparently, contrary to popular belief, I don't look so good in spandex bike shorts. Why didn't anyone ever tell me? And all those out there possessing pictures of me in said bike shorts--don't even think about ever broadcasting those puppies or I will hunt you down. Trust me, I will hunt you down.
A picture from across our perfect house. It had rocks and a river (so the little boys were in heaven) and was attached to the Stowe bike trail. And the scenery. Oh, the scenery. We LOVERMONT.
The three little boy cousins in their matching shirts.
Silly Willy.
All the cousins: Grant, Will, Sarah, Sam and Beth.
Josh's best side.
The day Nate babysat all the kids by himself. The kids loved it (he took them to the river to throw rocks and they were just mesmerized by his ability to throw huge rocks in the river). Thanks go to Nate for his stalwart babysitting.
The John Deere wheelbarrow at Shelbourne Farms. He was obsessed with it.
Will loved him some Gus this trip.
The Mad-Family in all our biking glory, clad in our matching Tour t-shirts (and even notice the magnet on the car. The Madsen family does nothing half way. But please ignore the beauty that is me with my sweaty, helmet hair). Our emphatic thanks go out to all the Madsens who organized this dreamy, perfect trip!


Nicole Lloyd said...

So fun! I am hoping we get to see Vermont before we head back West.

Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

Fun trip! I didn't know you were a biker! Good for you. Any chance you have Utah plans for christmas? I plan to give birth on the 29th so if you're in town you need to come see me and little Mya.

Danalin said...

So, so fun! I wish we'd made a Vermont trip before we left NY. :( It looks beautiful.