Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Can't Get Enough

I know there are many of you out there, people who, quite frankly, just can't get enough of my blog. I know you are sitting there thinking, "Where is that Jessy? I have seriously missed her blog." I can't blame you--I'm funny, witty, clever and, let's be honest, drop-dead sexy, so why wouldn't you want to read my blog? (And don't let the lack of numerous comments fool you. I know there are plenty of you, reading, waiting in anticipation for my every blog post, but are clearly just too bashful to write anything. I understand; I've been there). And as of now, I have about a ba-zillion things about which to post: our picture perfect bike trip, le Tour de Vermont, our recent fall festivities, and, of course, darling pictures of our precious little boy. Yet here's the rub: I can't get the dang blogger to upload my photos. I can't even click on the "upload photo" device. It is just a pale shade of orange, taunting me, showing me that it is there yet never allowing me to even click on it. It is driving me in-sane! Is anyone else out there having this problem? Does anyone out there want to help me solve this problem because I know you, my faithful readers, need to be entertained. I know you, my fabulous friends, are barely surviving without my blog posts. I know you, my bosom buddies, long to see my child's smiling face. So, everyone out there (yes, all two of you who read this), answer my call: please help. If I can't fix this, then the world will be short one awe-inspiring, breath-taking blog.