Monday, November 18, 2013


Will and I had the best mother-son date of the century:  we took the train into the city to see "Annie", which if you know anything about Will, then you know how much he adores the movie and the music.  I think he might adore it so much because I do, too, and we enjoy it together.  So, when Granny and Kasey and her kids and aunt Jane were set to go see it in the city, we invited ourselves and tagged along.  And boy are we glad we did!  It made my heart so happy to get to go on this adventure with this little boy of mine.
We took the train in, Will bringing along his bear from preschool for the adventure.  His favorite part of the train ride?  That he got to bring his nigh-nigh.

The whole crew:  Kasey, me, Gran, Sarah, Will and Grant.
All the crazy Times Square people.  Will thought they were the coolest.
The show.  I brought a change of clothes for Will, but we never got around to changing him.  Josh was mortified that he went to see the show in this outfit.  I never knew Josh cared so much about clothes!

After the show, we went back to Jane's and got to bed around midnight.  We were up nice and early, of course, and then just took the train back to our dada and Lucy Lu.  I seriously had such a good time being with his kid one-on-one.  He is just a gem.