Monday, November 25, 2013

School Days

Will's last few days of preschool at the Glenville Co-op with Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Robin were full of fun and games.  The last week of school he had daily activities.  And then there was graduation, of course.

Will loved preschool and while I was over it (did not dig the shuttling back and forth with limited time to get anything done in between and the PAIN it was getting him out the door), I'm grateful Will had such a good school with good people and good teachers.  Too bad  none of the kids are at our elementary school.  Oh, well!

Will's water party.

And graduation.  The pictures are sub-par because our other camera was all out of memory.  Plus, Josh was in charge of the video camera only to find out he took ONE still photo the entire time, as opposed to the video he thought he was taking. 
The boys did a Hawaiian dance and it was the cutest thing I ever did see.  I just wish we would have got it on film.  Will was so methodical about his dancing--he got all the moves right, but wasn't too worried about his rhythm; he took it soooo seriously.  Cute, cute, kid.

Will with his pals from preschool.
And Will was so happy to have his favorite neighbors come and cheer him on, too.
Lucy was there, too.
And here is the best family photo we got:  Will looking deranged, Josh with his eyes closed, Lucy hiding and me with my Hulk arms.  Seriously!  Are my arms that big or is it the camera (the camera, right!!!???)

We went and had ice cream cones after and said good-bye to all our preschool friends and good times were had by all.


Ryan and Angela said...

Be proud of your sexy muscles!

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Hurray for lots of picture updates! Your kids are getting so big and so cute! Keep them coming!