Sunday, November 17, 2013

Spring Sprang

I really wondered if I would ever update this ol' blog again.  I almost didn't.  But then I realized how much I enjoy rereading my last posts and how much my kids like it.  So, though I know blogs are so 2002 and I know that no one but me even reads this (I think I may have even lost my most loyal followers--the grandparents), I soldier on, updating the details of our lives.

Here is a look at our spring.  I loved looking at these photos and seeing the progression of late winter (dance parties and fort building inside) to early spring (bike rides and walks outside).
We are a family of serious dance parties.  My kids seriously demand "songs" every day.  And when Josh gets home from work, he always joins the parties.

After I go for my runs, Will is always stretching and sit-upping right along with me.  It cracks me up.  Above he is attempting a push-up.
Of course, winter time is game-playing time at our house, too.
After Will would come home from preschool and I fed the kids lunch, they would just play, play, play so well together for about forty-five minutes, before Lucy's nap.  And I love how much they like to play together and how well they play together (for the most part).  Here they are all ready to go in their backpacks and train hats.
Snuggling on the couch on a sunny Saturday morning.
Lucy and her obsession with dogs (and her crazy hair.  Sometimes I comb it.  Sometimes).

Will and his mama and his preschool's mother's day tea.  Love that kid.
Lucy loves her some spaghetti.
At the farm to see the baby animals.

Will and his dada a the Fathers and Sons camp out.
Any morning Will didn't have school, I could find the kiddos downstairs building forts.  Will loved him his forts and Lucy loved to play along.

And hooray!  Bike riding!  Outdoor playing!  How these kids love the outdoors.  Look at the lush green lawn.  You know it's spring when our lawn is green (may be the only time!).

Hooray for spring!