Saturday, November 23, 2013

Grant and Sarah Come to Town

This past Memorial Day, our Hershey cousins, and their mama, came to town.  Hip, hip, hooray!  And fun was had by all.  Here's some of what was accomplished that weekend.

Sarah learned to ride a bike!  Yeah, Sarah!
Lucy learned to wear a headband (and match her cousin Sarah).  Yeah, Lucy!
The kids got to ride bikes.  Lots.
Lucy got loved on by cousin Sarah.

And by Aunt Kasey.  Lucy loved her some Kasey Mama.  And Kasey taught Lucy the bumble bee song, for which we will forever be grateful.  Lucy adores that song above all else.
And Will and Grant took terrible pictures together (well, at least Will did.  Grant looks normal in most of these pictures.  But Will?  I think not!).

We also had a pizza picnic, watching Harry Potter, had a mall run wherein I found my white wale--a longish casual summer skirt that, trust me, I wore almost daily, quilted and ate some of Kasey's famous chocolate chip cookies.  We love cousins (and their mamas)!  Come back soon!


Danalin said...

We're doing the same thing...playing blog catch-up! I am SO glad that you have a blog and love reading it, so keep it up, mama. Love you!