Wednesday, August 8, 2007

7 Things I've Loved and Learned During 7 Years of Marriage!

Since our wedding was pre-digital cameras, I just took pictures of our pictures. Nice, eh?

One of our engagement pictures. We look so happy, so young, so in love. Oh, how naive we were.

Yes, Happy Anniversary to us. Today is the day when we celebrate the beginning of our lifelong journey of love and happiness (ha, ha--who knew we'd make it this far?). Really, though, I feel impressed to share some of my pearls of wisdom, as far as married life goes. Indeed, I am sure that most of you look to Josh and me as the epitome of marital bliss. So, here are the 7 things I've loved and learned during 7 years of marriage.

1. I've learned that love really does mean never having to SAY you're sorry; rather, instead of SAYING you're sorry, you need to beg, plead and implore for forgiveness. After a door-slamming, name-calling, shouting-match of a fight, it's best to just get down on your knees and start groveling. I'm sure none of your fights are like this, but if they are, it's advisable you start learning how to beg. I've become a pro (shocking, I know! Who would have thought I'd ever even raise my voice?)

2. I've learned that it's really okay if you're husband is more domestic than you. I've accepted the fact that Josh is a better cook, seamstress (seamster for males?), and grocery shopper than me. In reality, I've really learned to love it. Take, for instance, the night of my Personal Progress slumber party for the Young Women. Picture all the Young Women and the leaders looking to me for guidance as to how to make the calzones I'd planned on creating for a sumptuous dinner. I stood there, puzzled, because it was Josh who always rolled out the home-made dough. Desperate, I called up to Josh to come downstairs for a moment. I whispered my plight to him and he gladly rolled out thirteen perfect sized calzone rounds. Then, imagine my bewilderment as I went to instruct the girls on how to make these adorable fabric belts. Again, there I stood, puzzled, wondering how to thread my two sewing machines. Luckily, Josh was there again to the rescue. Not only did he show the girls how to thread the machines, but he also taught them how to make the belts, using the one he had already made for me as a template. Unfortunately, with so little time, he could not teach the girls how to sew in a straight line. None of their belts were as fabulous-looking as Josh's. Yes, I've learned to love that my husband is a domestic genius; I don't know how we'd survive without him.

3. I've loved seven years of snuggling with Joshy. Josh is the best cuddler ever. If you've never had a chance to snuggle with him, I highly recommend it.

4. I've learned that no matter how hard I try, and no matter how much I plead, gramiccis and hand-me-down/free t-shirts will be Josh's choice of attire. If you don't know what gramiccis are, let me tell you. They are camping/hiking shorts or pants, made of khaki, with an elastic waste band. I know, so attractive. Don't get me wrong, gramiccis have their place; they're acceptable to be worn while either hiking or camping, but not, however, at a fancy restaurant where you're celebrating your 7th anniversary. It's lucky for us that I have enough fashion sense to make up for the both of us:)

5. I've learned that the best way to shop is to "secret shop". After I go shopping (which I rarely do, of course), I just bring the clothes home, cut off the tags and hang them in my closet--just like it's been there all along. Then, a few days later, when wearing the new shirt, if Josh happens to notice what I'm wearing (which, again, is rare) and wonders if it's new, I just respond, "This old thing? Oh, no! I just pulled it out of my closet!"

6. I've learned that the only way to get good presents from your spouse is to buy them yourself. For example, for our anniversary we decided not to spend any money since we just went broke buying plane tickets. I decided I'd make him a coupon book from me, offering my wide array of services (e.g. "Good for one day where lids are put on everything." For SOME reason, he hates the fact that I leave lids off of everything: the toothpaste, the milk carton, the peanut butter jar. I think it's endearing). While making the coupon book, I had a brilliant idea! Josh should make ME a coupon book, too. And since I knew he never would, I made it for myself. I got the best coupons: "Good for one pristine bathroom cleaning"; "Good for one hour of talking about Jerusalem" (where we met); "Good for one hour of putting stuff on the walls without complaint" (Josh hates hanging pictures on the wall. Who knows why?!!). So, when Josh got home and I gave him his coupon book, I told him now it was time for him to give me my present. Confused, he told me he didn't get me anything else (besides flowers and two Peppermint Patties--my candy of preference at the moment). I told him that he did, in fact, get me another present and then I whipped out the coupon book. I think he was soooo glad he thought of it! I can't wait to use that bathroom cleaning one. Why, oh why, did I limit it to one bathroom??

7. I've learned that marrying Josh was the best decision I've ever made. I'm glad that 8 years ago, when we met in Jerusalem, I didn't let anything deter me from snatching him up. I love his easy-going attitude, his willingness to help anyone, his ability to "do anything" (as his mom always says), his 12-year old enthusiasm, his love of puppies, his tender heart, his giggling like a school-girl and, most of all, his patience and love for me.


madsenhut said...

Josh and Jessy -

I have to say, I feel that our relationship has really moved to the next level since the introduction of your blog. Kip's words really do come to life for me now, "And, yes, I love technology". Really, a whole new meaning. I only hope that somehow I can give something back in return...

I know you'll both be exstatic to know that the gramicci "jams" (which have been off the market for the last 3-4 years) are making a strong comeback this spring, so don't spend that REI dividend credit yet - we'll have a shopping spree of 11" inseemed shorts come March. Ryan told me confidentially that he is really partial to this latest movement as well - I guess not so confidential any more.

Bye bye.

Ryan & Angela Spear said...

I want to see a picture of that belt. Oh, and by the way, I totally have my anniversary present already picked out. But that coupon book for yourself was a great idea.

whitney said...

jessy, i cried tears of laughter after reading this blog post. :) it's 2am and i'm a lone parent at the moment on a family vacation at lake tahoe and my youngest son, kadin, keeps waking up and crying tonight for no reason at all... very frustrating and now i can't sleep. thanks for being your funny self and giving me a reason to forgot all of this craziness for a moment. i'm glad you started a blog. i can't wait to partake of the joy that is jessy all the time!

JerzyGrl said...

I love that I got to be part of your Jerusalem experience and got to see your courtship in action...I miss you guys! We definitely need to catch up one of these days.

Danalin said...

I told Tyler about you making Josh's anniversary present to you for him...we both got quite a kick out of that! Thanks for imparting all of your wisdom, Jessy. The world is now a much better place.

Lindsey said...

Jessy, you are too funny! I think I might just have to borrow that coupon book idea.