Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I AM a Hiker!

Me, looking stunning after a day of hiking. That must be why I enjoy hiking so much: it does wonders for my look! (Apparently, we need to use the flash on our camera because our pictures are so dark. I can't tell, though, if our camera even has flash. We inherited the camera from Josh's dad who took pity on us when he realized we didn't have one and gave us an old one of his, but it's too fancy and has too many buttons. And the manual--like 70 pages. Would it be too much to ask if the camera just said "flash" and had an arrow pointing to a button????)
Josh in his favorite "model" pose!

Since I listed "hiking" as one of my interests in my profile, I am so glad that I actually have proof that I am, in fact, a hiker (you know that half the time, when asked what your interests are, you just make things up that sound interesting. No one REALLY wants to know that all you're interested in is watching T.V. or browsing random Internet blogs--not that I do either of these things--oh, no)! I really do enjoy hiking, though. Fortunately, Josh and I live near the Adirondacks in eastern New York so we get to do a lot of hiking. They're no Rocky Mountains, but Lake George and the beautiful deciduous trees are breathtaking. Last 4th of July, we hiked Buck Mountain. It was a cloudy, rainy day so when we got to the top it was quite chilly. But at least we now have proof positive that I am, in fact, a hiker!


Kasey and Steve said...

Jess...you crack me up! It seems I laugh out loud each time I read a post. Thanks for my daily dose of laughter!

Danalin said...

Okay, but can you say that you've hiked the highest mountain in New York? It's called Mt. Marcy. I wouldn't necessarily advise it. Tyler and I decided to go on a backpacking trip (my first ever) on a Wednesday and left on Friday. Really thorough planning went into this adventure. I had some hiking shoes from Girls Camp that I hadn't tried on (they ended up being too small) and I didn't know that you should clip your toenails. Ty thought it would be a peace-of-cake climb. Well, long story short...we did make it and it was beautiful and felt good to say that I did something hard. BUT I saw fresh bear tracks, lost two and a half toenails and shed many a tear.

I really loved living in New York. So beautiful! And I also love Josh's model pose. :) So glad you're a blogger.

**You may soon regret that you told me about this blog because with my comments I like to share stories about my life...I just think everyone wants to know! :) **