Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Watch Out Blogging World, Here I Come!

Well, here it all begins. After much consideration, and not to mention an alarming amount of prayer, I've decided to join the blogging world. It was not an easy decision; I wasn't sure if the world of bloggers was ready for me yet. However, it was brought to my attention that too much would be lost if I did NOT start a blog. What, pray tell, might be lost? Well, let me inform you. If I never started this blog you would never get a day-by-day detailing of what it is I do with my life (and trust me, this will be scintillating, seeing as how I am currently unemployed); you would never get to see treasured pictures of my handsome husband and me, taken by a photography novice (you mean I have to wait for the click to actually take a picture? Who knew?); lastly, if ne'er I started this blog you would never learn the inner-workings of my highly intelligent & uniquely creative mind (again, scintillating, seeing as how I am still unemployed and I am currently addicted to reading random peoples' blogs). Quite frankly, I don't know how the world has survived without me on http://www.blogger.com/. So, watch out blogging world, here I come!


Kasey Later said...

Yea Jessy! I'm so excited to finally find out what it is you do all day. Thank you for creating this blog...I can now die happy. Happy blogging!

jill said...

"Highly Entertaining! Highly exhausting but still refreshing. The 'Mad Family Blog' is the best blog of 2007! Seven thumbs up!"
Kramer Kourier

Victoria Blanchard said...

So yesterday I showed Katie pictures of Will on your blog and she cried when it was time to stop. So today when she saw me sneak on my computer to try to get some work done, she requested more pictures of Will. I kept clicking "Older Post" and we got to when Will was a baby (I forgot how cute he was!), and then I kept going and skimmed to the end to this post. I am SO glad you started your blog, and you know the reason(s) why!