Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Image 086: The Red Chair

Just to give you a taste of what my camera and I have been doing these last few years, I downloaded some more pictures at random. This dazzling picture is Image 086. Here before you sits the red chair--the very red chair that wasn't always a red chair. In fact, it once was a chair owned by Josh's grandpa (and so kindly donated to us with three other chairs and a table) that once had seat covering after seat covering all in that oh-so-popular orange and olive green color that was all the rage in the seventies. Last year, deciding that this look was so three decades ago, I determined to paint the chairs and recover the seats. And what a surprise did I find! Layer after layer of lovely seventies seat coverings; I never did find the bottom--I was too afraid of what might lie beneath. Then I painted the chair red (a little brighter than I anticipated, but still an improvement on the faded, scarred wood) and recovered it with a trendy stripe. All in all, a job well-done. At least, that's what my camera and I think.