Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Going Green

For this oft over-looked holiday, I decided to treat our family to a (hopefully) new St. Paddy's Day tradition: cuisine in the color of green. I found this cute recipe on the Family Fun website and couldn't resist (the pesto is yum-o and was a big hit with Will since he hearts all things pasta). The evening didn't turn out quite how I had envisioned (my vision was perhaps a tad far-reaching--Will suddenly and miraculously gaining the power of speech wherein he praises my merits as a mother while Josh simultaneously proclaiming his undying love for me while insisting I go buy a new pair of shoes as a reward for my diligent and satisfying hard work). Really what happened was more along these lines: half the dinner didn't even get made, due to one whiny and sick boy and only 2/3 of the family even participated in the Green Cuisine Celebration of 2009. Josh, unfortunately, got home just in time to turn around and head off to a hockey game. So, not only did I spend all afternoon single-handedly cooking the green cuisine but now I also get to spend all evening single-handedly washing the dishes of the green cuisine. Sigh. At least now I am enjoying some peace and quiet since I put Will to bed at 6:30, finished the dishes and am currently eating one green-colored Rice Krispie treat in the shape of a clover whilst blogging. Though not exactly my vision of the evening, it's almost just as nice. Almost. I really do need some shoes.
The green cuisine placed so elegantly atop a $1 Walmart disposable table cloth. The planned menu: green salad topped with green veggies; pesto with spinach fettucine; garlic bread in the shape of clovers topped with parsely and garlic; green Rice Kripie treats also in the shape of clovers. The actual menu: pesto and Rice Krispie treats. Perhaps the rest for another day.
The peanut with a sore on his nose from the perpetual nose-wiping.
He looks so far away. Hello over there.


Emily said...

Oh, aren't you such a good creative mom! I love the menu and what you actually made sounds delicious. I made green pancakes for dinner last night for the fam. Not nearly as good as your list, but the kids loved it. Go green!

Emily Christensen said...

Jessy, you are hilarious. You definitely deserve some new shoes. It was so fun talking to you today.

The Pyper Fam said...

I am so impressed that you went above and beyond your motherly duties to provide a green meal for your family! Don't you just love how life just turns out the way it does no matter how much you plan and how much effort you put into it to make things perfect!:)I love Will-and really, as long as he was happy, its perfect!! :)

The Jimmy Harry Family said...

Good job Jessy! You are such a great mom. I had plans to go green, but my food coloring magically disappeared. Personally I think the man of the house stashed it in some hiding spot. He's not a fan of coloring food. So needless to say no green food just green shirts and talk of silly little men running around the whole house. I think you should go buy some cute shoes, and post them for the rest of us to enjoy! Happy Spring