Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hockey, Joshy

Will's first hockey game: KAPL (Josh's work team) vs. G.E. Dada's team didn't win, but that didn't really matter to Will since we only stayed for the first half for the following reasons: it was past Will's bedtime PLUS the stands were sticky and slimy and all Will wanted to do was run around and get messy in his pajamas and hang precariously off the sides of the stands. He did sit still on my lap for the first ten minutes of the game and stare at the hockey players in awe. Then the magic wore off and it was back to exploring the disgusting and dangerous stands. That's when the magic wore off for me as well and it was back to the car and straight home to bed (after wiping every inch of his spare body with anti-bacterial wipes, of course).
Go team! He was too distracted to pay attention to the camera.

I love hockey!


Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

How fun! Why do they always have to play so late? Don't they know kids have to sleep.