Thursday, March 26, 2009

What a Girl Wants

The big 3-0 is looming dangerously close upon the horizon. Yes, in no less than 25 days, I will be thirty years of age. While most of me is okay with this, part of me will never be okay with this. (The main part of me that isn't okay with this is my wrinkle-ridden face. I suddenly find myself looking longingly upon younger girls' faces, wondering if they truly appreciate their wrinkle-free, youthful looking skin. I also often find myself wondering how on earth I am every going to afford Botox. Sigh). In honor of my big day, Josh wants to do something lovely, romantic and thoughtful for me. (What I really mean is, I've hinted and harassed him enough times that he has finally gotten it into his head that he could think of nothing he'd rather do than plan a wonderful day for me on my b-day). Though he now knows that he needs to do something for me, he is at a loss as what to do. I would tell him to surprise me, but I've been married long enough to know better than that. So, in an effort to help him out (and hey, who am I kidding? In an effort to help me out) I am revealing the secrets to a perfect Jessy-turns-thirty day. Now, hopefully, Josh will be taking notes.

1. Sleep in. Yes, as you will see, a lot of my perfect day consists of sleeping. What can I say? I heart sleeping. Always have. Always will.

2. Have a yummy homemade breakfast of steel-cut oats, raspberries, almonds and yummy yogurt, though not eaten in bed. I'm not a big fan of breakfast in bed. Though I am a big fan of sleeping in, rolling out of bed and having a glorious breakfast set elegantly upon the table and all ready to be gobbled up by moi.

3. Nice, easy family bike ride upon the bike path. I am currently obsessed with cycling. In fact, I am training for a race in May. More on that another day.

4. Spa day: mani, pedi and a facial (remember my wrinkle problem?) But hey, I'm realistic. I know that we're watching our pennies, so a mani-pedi will suffice (unless, of course, you my faithful readers want to spring for a facial for me. That would be divine).

5. Light lunch of some sort of yummy, homemade salad.

6. An afternoon nap whilst Will naps, all the while Josh spooning me. That's the best kind of nap.

7. Dinner at my favorite, fancy, cozy restaurant Lakeridge all the while having a nice conversation about Jerusalem with my Joshy (where we met).

8. Movie. I know that that date sounds cliche--dinner and a movie, but it is one of my favorites and it has been soooo long since we've been out to both a dinner and a movie. I don't know what movie yet because I don't know what will be playing, but I want it to be a chick flick--something ridiculous like "Confessions of a Shopaholic".

9. Dessert at home (hey, if we went out for dessert we'd be seriously wracking up that babysitting bill and do you know how much babysitters cost these days?????). Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, preferably Oatmeal Chocolate Chip.

Now since my b-day is on a Monday (how dreadful to have a Monday birthday) I know this cannot happen on my actual birthday. And since I have Relief Society all day the Saturday before my birthday, then I am hoping for this all to occur on the Friday after my big day (Josh has that Friday off). For my actual day, a home-cooked meal of Chicken Marsala (one of Josh's specialities) with some lava chocolate cake and ice cream and lots of hugs and kisses from one baby Willy. Now that would be perfection. Check back in in 25 days to see if all my b-day wishes come true!


Kimberly said...

are our birthday's really that close together? I must have forgotten that. All april kids are the coolest, thats for sure. the big 3-0. seth had a hard time with that last month. You don't act (i mean look) a day over 21, so don't you sweat it missy ;). So, we really do need to stop talking via blog comments about getting together and start acting! I am actually going to the outlets this sat, the lee/pittsfield ones. We should meet. Cindy may try to meet up too, and you guys are soon-to-be best friends, so it is imparative that i hook you two up, and you both HEART(that was double underlined and in bold) shopping. I sent you an email, but i will try to give you a buzz tmrw. I realize this is short notice so we should plan a fun get together if it doesnt work out! Hope all your birthday wishes come true (JOSH).

Rosie Moncrief said...

Hope you get what you wish for!

Cookie, Jason, and Olivia said...

Too funny! You'll love being 30!