Thursday, December 22, 2011


We blessed our baby girl on Sunday, December 11, 2011. Lucy was 8.5 weeks old and decked in a darling dress, courtesy of my sister.

And Pompa (my dad) came all the out for the big day and we were so blessed to have him! Isn't he a cute Pompa?

Pompa with my two kids (Josh always says, "Isn't that fun to say--kids??")

And our two kids. Too bad Lucy's having a hard time there.

Clearly, Will is still learning how to hold her.

Our sweet Lu Lu (Will always calls her Luce). We are so blessed to have you here finally. I'm far too lazy to figure out how to flip that photo.

Our little family. (Too bad no one told me that I'm busting out of my sweater. Oh well. Maybe some day I'll be back to my pre-pregnancy form. Until then, I think I need to avoid anything with buttons since they clearly can't close!)


Victoria Blanchard said...

So nice your dad could be there!

And your sweater made me laugh. Which I can do because, oh my, have I been there! Oh, the joys of nursing!

Ryan and Angela said...

At least you are busting out in the bust and not the belly. That is a good sign. I am glad you had fun with Pompa there.

Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

What a cute blessing outfit! So glad your Dad could be there. Love the busting out of the shirt. You always make me laugh!